koenigsegg, CLK DTM, ferrari , Merc SL AMG 65,

Driving back from Lemans 2007 these passed us on the motorway

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Mercedes CLK DTM AMG vs. Hohenester S2GT
Mercedes CLK DTM AMG,100 built,only 12 in Germany,580hp Supercharger,800nm torque,€236000,approaching me quickly, selfconfidently flashing lights,giving in after short battle on Nurburgring Northloop Nordschleife.You cannot see the Merc painting black stripes on the tarmac when accelerating, burning his tires (by the way:the Merc stands on 255/285-20 semislicks,while I sport 235-17,only!)at about 60mph..I did!Listening to my engine You can hear when I am at full throttle-and when I`m not.Topspeed in this sequence about 145mph est. -Click my nick "DKNGHT" to view my channel!

horsepowerTrendz had an exclusive photo shoot with a rare CLK DTM AMG. This car is 1 of 100 produced and 1 of 2 here in the US. Talk about exclusive

Mercedes CLK GTR AMG in Leeuwarden netherlands
One of the most brutal cars the is. The owner is a dutchman who lives a few kilometers near me.

F1 vs Clk-DTM vs AMG sl55 vs C230k
a race between all mercedes from the entry level c230 Kompressor sport coupe, AMG Sl55, CLK-GTR (DTM)and a Mcclarren-mercedes F1 car. this is a race on a road course all driven by professionals.