Chris Bangle presents BMW 1 Series

Canadian Journalists Jeremy Cato and Michael Vaughan get an exclusive presentation of the BMW 1 Series by Chris Bangle, Head of BMW Group Design in Munich, Germany

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Chris Bangle on Bangle
Statement of Chris Bangle, Director Design BMW Group concerning his work and design approach.

Chris Bangle: Chris Bangle Associates
Chris Bangle, formerly design director at BMW Group and now running Chris Bangle Associatesat, speaks at CreativeMornings London. Join the conversation and learn more at ABOUT THE SPEAKER Chris Bangle didn't just radically alter the way we automotive designers think about package, proportion and surface (the aesthetic and structural skin of the car) and how consumers respond to it. He also masterfully wielded the transformative power of creative thinking in the business context. In so doing, he helped irrevocably alter the course, aesthetically and strategically, of what was probably the car industry's most conservative manufacturer, BMW Group.

Chris Bangle - Insights from seventeen years as Chief of Design at the BMW Group
Chris Bangle is one of the most successful and controversial car designers of his generation. In this wide ranging interview Bangle gives insight into each stage of his career, from design school through to his time at FIAT and as Chief designer at BMW. Bangle advocates for a radical rethinking of car design and manufacture to suit the evolving needs of the urban majority. His ideas on 'personal emotional mobility' appeal directly to personal lifestyle aspirations to achieve behavior change in car use for sustainability improvements. He also implemented some novel management strategies during his time at BMW - in this interview sketching out on the palm of his hand the vortical structure that he saw as necessary for innovative design. Everything from the corporate structure to the mix of individual personalities was shaped by this process - which Bangle links back to his experience of mentorship at the Art Centre College of Design California, which produced a range of other automobile designers including Dave Robb and J Mays. Bangle is a fascinating figure who combines a 'rev-head' love of cars with the sensitivities of an urbane environmentalist - a passionate speaker who wants to see technology translate into meaningful day-to-day experiences.

BMW 1 Series: Design Coupé
Adrian Van Hooydonk, Head of Design - BMW Automobiles explains the secret behind the "shape of power": the exterior of the BMW 1 Series Coupé. A long bonnet, a set-back trapezoidal greenhouse and short overhangs: the BMW 1 Series Coupé looks quick, even when stationary. The clearly defined shoulder line and long wheelbase confidently highlight its perfect proportions from its muscular front to its powerful and wide rear. In line with legendary BMW 2002 tradition, the new BMW 1 Series Coupé provides the ideal measurements to deliver optimum driving dynamics.