Scale Lowrider mini truck beddancer R/C w.i.p. Going back in time with a scale model 1/20 Nissan mini truck Lowrider featuring a 4 stage Z-rack. Movements are controled by an 8 channel radio and receiver. When finished it will feature a four wheel hydraulic suspension be able to drive and steer and rock the truck bed.

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Scale lowrider Nissan hardbody RC beddancer w.i.p.
My latest work in progress project: Next Level. Full function RC 1/20 scale Nissan Hard body beddancer. Features simulated hydraulic suspension, miniature high bass sound system and 4 stage Z-rack beddancing setup. ** ** ** **

Wicked '67 RC Lowrider by Jevries and Art2Roll
1/12 scale '67 Chevy Impala RC Lowrider custom build by Jevries featuring a stunning paintjob by Art2Roll. *****NOT FOR SALE***** Music: Dream Wide by Joe Bagale.

Lowrider Model Cars Impala, Fleetwood, Hilux, VW Bus, Lego
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R/C Lowrider truck w/hydraulics and a surprise
1/10 scale.....This is a redo of the orange and silver truck. I decided to make the bed go straight up and spin instead of tilt back. Completely new chassis and set-up. I also decided to repaint it to give it a more old school look. Thanks once again to JEVRIES for the inspiration.