Scale Lowrider mini truck beddancer R/C w.i.p. Going back in time with a scale model 1/20 Nissan mini truck Lowrider featuring a 4 stage Z-rack. Movements are controled by an 8 channel radio and receiver. When finished it will feature a four wheel hydraulic suspension be able to drive and steer and rock the truck bed.

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Scale lowrider Nissan hardbody RC beddancer w.i.p.
My latest work in progress project: Next Level. Full function RC 1/20 scale Nissan Hard body beddancer. Features simulated hydraulic suspension, miniature high bass sound system and 4 stage Z-rack beddancing setup. ** ** ** **

1963 Impala Lowrider - Boyz N Da Hood Unboxing and Review
Unboxing and Review of 1/25th Scale 1963 Impala Lowrider Boyz N Da Hood. The builder, Ricardo Becerra, manufactures and sells a multitude of line based 1/25th scale lowrider model cars. A solid build that is worth looking into. I hope you enjoy this video, feel free to comment and share. Thank you! Lowrider built by Ricardo Becerra -for inquiries, contact him through his channel below 760-449-8755 Music Produced by Lil' Shadow, remake of Boyz N Da Hood. Equipment Used for Unboxing and Review: Sony EX1 1963 Impala Lowrider by Becerra 9 Volt Battery 7.2V battery FCP7 Macbook Pro

Jevries BeSwitched ' 67 Unboxing and Review
UPDATE: NOT FOR SALE. Jevries no longer takes pre-orders or sells vehicles (please excuse the reference in the video regarding taking pre-orders, as he did that for a short period of time.) BeSwitched 67' is a custom lowrider model car created by Jevries. I was fortunate enough to become the new owner of this vehicle through an auction hosted by Jevries. Jevries work is incredible, custom hydraulic build with so much detail, it looks, operates, and feels like operating a real lowrider. I hope you enjoy this unboxing and review I made, and feel free to comment and share. Thanks everyone! RC Lowriders built by Jevries Music Produced by Artist: Move Merchants Fan Short (Separate Video link below) 449215470/?type=2&theater Fan Short shot on film equipment by Spirit Juice Studios Spirit Juice Studios Equipment Used for Unboxing: Sony EX1 Jevries RC Lowrider Zippy 2200 2S 7.4V Lipo Batteries iMAX B6AC v2 Charger/Discharger FCP7 MacBook Pro

Off-Roading a Lowrider Monte Carlo! - Roadkill Ep. 39
Here’s a premise you haven’t seen before from the Roadkill guys: this time, Freiburger bought a car without Finnegan knowing, and Finnegan picked the road trip without Freiburger knowing. Result: the Monster Carlo! It’s a 1980 Chevy Monte Carlo lowrider with full hydraulics—perfect for lifting it up high to fit some Super Swamper off-road tires for a desert excursion to Las Vegas, where the guys meet up with the fans for a party at EBC Brakes. Along the way there’s failure, winning, more failure, three-wheeling, hopping, fire, sparks, dirt, and more psychotic laughter than you’ve ever seen in a single episode. #BecauseRoadkill. Thanks for the support from EBC Brakes and Optima Batteries! Roadkill appears on the Motor Trend channel. Subscribe now to make sure you're in on all the action! Facebook -, & Twitter - & Google + - Website - &