S2000 vs SRT-4

Friend's stock S2000 with my not stock srt-4 I make around 300 wheel hp with the stock turbo.

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Srt4 vs. s2000
Srt4 -dsp tuned S2000 - full mods

S/C S2000 vs Stock Srt 4
First off let me start by saying that we are just messing around before the upgrade, there was a lot of traffic so we couldnt get a good race in. first run we had to let the s2k pass kuzz there was a car in front of us, (thats also when my friend shifts from 3rd to 2nd insteadz of 4th.......you'll notice it, look at tha tach 8000 rpm lmao) second run is when we find out the s2k is S/C'd and we inform him of our Boost leak. again had to let him pass kuzz of traffic. pretty good race overall

My SRT4 vs S2000
Me vs stock s2000

Crazy Driver ! Honda S2000 Drifting on Traffic ! Must See
Crazy Driver ! Honda S2000 Drifting on Traffic