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Toyota Carina E top speed on German autobahn '10
Hurtling up and down the A31 in Germany in july 2010. This is the first 7 minutes of a full 10 minutes at top speed in a Carina E.

Toyota Carina E review
We try to find out why Jeremy Clarkson destroyed Toyota Carina in his DVD Heaven and Hell and ascribe it to deadly sinners. PS. I had to reupload this video because youtube blocked it for stupid copyrights. Video contained little episode from Jeremy's DVD where he destroyed Toyota Carina by crashing into the wall. For more reviews visit http://mental-motoring.posterous.com

Toyota Carina Обзор

Toyota Carina E

TopGear March 1993, Carina E cut
Special for www.carina-e.ru and all Toyota Carina E fans

Toyota Carina E GTi pic and video part 1
The work done so far,part 2 comming up soon :)

Toyta Carina
Toyota Carina - japan car

Timing belt replacement Toyota Camry 2000 2.2L 4 cylinder Water pump PART 1 remove replace
Timing belt replacement Toyota Camry 2000 2.2L 4 cylinder Water pump PART 1 remove replace How To Change. See here how to replace the timing belt and water pump, and I would recommend a timing belt and water pump kit for this type of job. Check them out on Amazon with this link which will take you to the automotive section, then click on Parts Finder on the upper left side next to "Automotive" You can enter your car and find the correct parts and will save that car information. Nice. http://www.amazon.com/automotive-auto-truck-replacements-parts/b/?_encoding =UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&linkCode=ur2&node=15684181&tag=ytfixingcars -20&linkId=I4QFBQ3RAEFPTJ5T Toyota Camry Solara too This Channel provides videos for informational purposes only and cannot be held liable for injury, damage, problems that arise when trying to duplicate steps shown in videos. If there is an Amazon link, that is my affiliate link and I will earn a small commission on whatever you purchase. Outtro music snippet, by: joshwoodward.com/ Good To Go - Josh Woodward creative commons license.

http://1dollarcars.co.nz/ Specs . Description Modification SG - I color package Chassis ID E-AT191-CEPNK (C) Dates releasing 08.1994 - ... Base price, ¥ 1,582,000 Body size 4455x1695x1395 The size of the passenger compartment (LxWxH), mm 1955x1445x1165 Wheelbase mm 2580 Track front / rear wheels, mm 1475/1460 Full weight,kg 1070 Body type Sedan Number of doors/seats 5 Engine Model 7A-FE Type Serial 4 cylinder DOHC16 valves Bore x course of the piston, mm 81.0x85.5 Engine Size 1762 Compression ratio 9.5 Fuel injection system electronic control type fuel injector Maximum power hp / t.min. 115/5400 Maximum torque, Nm / rpm 155/4800 Supercharger Fuel tank capacity, liters 60 Fuel Regular (92) Fuel consumption, l/100 km 6.8 Steering and suspension Steering Power assist equipped rack & pinion Front suspension Strut type coil spring Rear suspension Strut type coil spring Front brake Ventilated disk Rear brake Drum (リーディングトレーディング) Front wheel 175/70R14 Rear wheel 175/70R14 The minimum diameter of a turn 4.9 Gearbox Number of steps / Type 4AT Drive FF

www.1dollarcars.co.nz Vehicle details Make: TOYOTA Model: CARINA Year: 1996 Submodel: 1.8 SI Main colour: Silver Vehicle type: Passenger Car/Van Body style: Saloon No of seats: 5 CC rating: 1,762cc Fuel type: Petrol Assembly type: Imported Built-Up Country of origin: Japan Gross vehicle mass: 1,425kg We have some more information for 7 sub-models of TOYOTA CARINA 1996. We may not have all the sub-models but if you can see the one which matched yours just click on the sub-model for more information: Toyota 1996 Carina 1.8 e Liftback Toyota 1996 Carina 1.8 e Sedan Toyota 1996 Carina 2.0 D Liftback Toyota 1996 Carina E 1.6 Liftback Toyota 1996 Carina E 2.0 TD Liftback Toyota 1996 Carina E Sedan Toyota 1996 Carina E Wagon Vehicle Identification VIN: 7A8H6010703006389 Plate: BSF332 Plate type: Standard Engine no: 7A-0509399 Chassis: AT211-6006389 Basic facts Reported stolen or wanted otherwise by the Police?: No Reliable odometer: Yes Imported with structural damage: No Water/fire damage: No information on the record of any flood and/or fire damage Reliability In 2007, 11 years old: Fault rate of 14.1% 4.0 of 6 Ranked 12 In 2006, 10 years old: Fault rate of 16.1% 4.1 of 6 Ranked 6 In 2005, 9 years old: Fault rate of 13.1% 4.6 of 6 Ranked 8 In 2004, 8 years old: Fault rate of 12.0% 5.0 of 6 Ranked 5 In 2003, 7 years old: Fault rate of 8.0% 5.1 of 6 Ranked 8 Ownership information 4 ownership records in New Zealand: Individual Owner (latest owner) Owned since: 2006, August 3rd (for 5 years 1 week 2 days); Location: Northcross, Auckland;Status: Complete; Sex: Male; Prior odometer: 91,545km on 2006, July 27th Wheels On Wairau Sales Limited trading as Wheels On Wairau Owned since: 2006, August 3rd (for one day); Location: Wairau Valley, Auckland 0627; Status: Complete;This is a company; Prior odometer: 91,545km on 2006, July 27th Individual Owner, personal details protected by NZTA Law Changes Owned since: 2003, December 30th (for 2 years 7 months 6 days); Status: Complete; Prior odometer: 69,287kmon 2003, December 6th Wheels On Wairau Sales Limited trading as Wheels On Wairau Owned since: 2003, December 11th (for 2 weeks 5 days); Location: Wairau Valley, Auckland 0627;Status: Complete; This is a company; Prior odometer: 69,287km on 2003, December 6th Security interests — money owing No security interests lodged against this vehicle. Licence Licence type: L (Licence for normal road use) Licence expiry: 2011, September 10th (expires in 1 month 4 days) Latest licence issued on: 2011, June 9th at 16:23 Continuous licence: Yes Registration Registration status: Active Registration origin: Imported Vehicle usage: Private Passenger Cause of latest registration: Used Date of registration: 2003, December 11th Was registered overseas?: Yes Previous country of registration: Japan Date of first registration overseas: 1996 Plates history Plate Effective date BSF332 2003, December 11th Warrant of Fitness (WOF) Subject to WOF inspection?: Yes WOF expiry: 2012, February 4th (in 5 months 4 weeks 1 day) Last inspection: 2011, August 4th (Pass) Certificate of Fitness (COF) The vehicle is not subject to COF. Road User Charges (RUC) The vehicle is not subject to RUC. Odometer history Reliable odometer: Yes Inconsistent odometer: No Latest odometer reading: 165,158 Km (on 2011, August 4th, source: WOF Inspection) Estimated current odometer reading: 165,193 Km Latest usage: 13.47 Km/day (4,903 Km/year)

ARB Toyota LandCruiser 79 Dual Cab
Check out the new Toyota LandCruiser 79 Series Dual Cab, cloaked in ARB accessories, in action on the farm and on the tracks.


Car Companies Japan- Toyota C
hi everyone i am making videos of different car companies from a number of different counties and now i am introducing the Japanese car company Toyota sit down and enjoy thumbs up comment much appreciate it :-) 1. Toyota Caldina 1992-1997 2. Toyota Caldina 1997-2002 3. Toyota Caldina 2002-2007 assembled in Tsutsumi, Japan 4. Toyota Camry 1983-1986 assembled in Japan: Toyota, Aichi 5. Toyota Camry 1986-1990 (Japan) 1987-1992 (Australia) 1988-1991 (US) assembled in Australia: Port Melbourne, Victoria Japan: Toyota, Aichi United States: Georgetown, Kentucky 6. Toyota Camry 1990-1994 assembled in Japan: Toyota, Aichi 7. Toyota Camry 1994-1998 assembled in Japan: Toyota, Aichi 8. Toyota Camry Wide-body 1991-1996 (Japan, U.S.) 1993-1997(Australia) assembled in Altona, Victoria, Australia (1994--1997) Georgetown, Kentucky Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (1993--1994) Toyota City, Japan 9. Toyota Camry 1996-2001 (Japan, U.S.) 1997-2002 (Australia) assembled in Toyota City, Japan Georgetown, Kentucky Altona, Victoria, Australia Chachoengsao, Thailand 10. Toyota Camry 2001-2006 2002-2006 (Australia) assembled in Toyota City, Japan Georgetown, Kentucky Altona, Victoria, Australia Chachoengsao, Thailand Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines Shah Alam, Malaysia Cikarang, Indonesia Zhongli, Taiwan 11. Toyota Camry 2007-present assembled in Australia: Altona, Victoria Japan: Toyota, Aichi Russia: Saint Petersburg United States:Georgetown, Kentucky Lafayette, Indian US 12. Toyota Camry Solara 1999-2003 assembled in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada 13. Toyota Camry Solara 2004-2009 assembled in Georgetown, Kentucky, United States 14. Toyota Carina 1970-1977 15. Toyota Carina 1977-1981 16. Toyota Carina 1981-1984 17. Toyota Carina 1984-1988 18. Toyota Carina 1988-1992 19. Toyota Carina 1992-1996 20. Toyota Carina 1996-2001 21. Toyota Carina ED 1985-1989 22. Toyota Carina ED 1989-1993 23. Toyota Carina ED 1993-1998 24. Toyota Carina II 1984-1988 25. Toyota Carina II 1988-1992 26. Toyota Celica 1970-1977 assembled in Toyota, Japan 27. Toyota Celica 1977-1981 assembled in Toyota, Japan 28. Toyota Celica 1981-1985 assembled in Tahara, Aichi, Japan 29. Toyota Celica 1985-1989 assembled in Tahara, Aichi, Japan 30. Toyota Celica 1989-1993 assembled in Tahara, Aichi, Japan 31. Toyota Celica 1993-1999 assembled in Tahara, Aichi, Japan 32. Toyota Celica 1999-2006 assembled in Tahara, Aichi, Japan 33. Toyota Celsior assembled in Tahara, Aichi, Japan 34. Toyota Celsior 2001-2006 assembled in Tahara, Aichi, Japan 35. Toyota Century 1967-1997 36. Toyota Century 1997-present 37. Toyota Chaser 1977-1980 38. Toyota Chaser 1980-1984 39. Toyota Chaser 1984-1988 40. Toyota Chaser 1989-1992 41. Toyota Chaser 1992-1996 42. Toyota Chaser 1996-2000 43. Toyota Classic 1996 44. Toyota Comfort 1995-present 45. Toyota Corolla 1966-1970 assembled in Toyota City, Japan Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 46. Toyota Corolla 1970-1978 assembled in Toyota City, Japan Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Jakarta, Indonesia 47. Toyota Corolla 1974-1981 assembled in Toyota City, Japan Port Melbourne, Australia, Thames, New Zealand, Samut Prakan, Thailand 48. Toyota Corolla 1979-1984 assembled in Toyota City, Japan Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Thames, New Zealand, Samut Prakan, Thailand 49. Toyota Corolla 1983-1987 assembled in 50. Toyota Corolla 1987-1992 assembled in 51. Toyota Corolla 1991-1998 assembled in 52. Toyota Corolla 1995-2002 assembled in 53. Toyota Corolla 2000-present assembled in 54. Toyota Corolla 2006-present assembled in 55. Toyota Corolla Rumion 2007-present 56. Toyota Corona 1957-1959 57. Toyota Corona 1960-1964 58. Toyota Corona 1964-1970 59. Toyota Corona 1970-1973 60. Toyota Corona 1973-1979 61. Toyota Corona 1978-1983 62. Toyota Corona 1982-1989 63. Toyota Corona 1982-1998 64. Toyota Corona 1983-1987 65. Toyota Corona 1987-1992 67. Toyota Corona 1992-1998 68. Toyota Corona 1996-2001 69. Toyota Corona EXiV 1989-1993 70. Toyota Corona EXiV 1993-1998 71. Toyota Corsa 1995-2000 72. Toyota Cressida 1977-1980 73. Toyota Cressida 1981-1984 74. Toyota Cressida 1985-1988 75. Toyota Cressida 1989-1992 76. Toyota Cressida 1980-1984 77. Toyota Cressida 1984-1988 78. Toyota Cressida 1988-1992 79. Toyota Cressida 1992-1996 80. Toyota Cressida 1996-2001 81. Toyota Crown 1955-1962 82. Toyota Crown 1962-1967 83. Toyota Crown 1967-1971 84. Toyota Crown 1971-1974 85. Toyota Crown 1974-1979 86. Toyota Crown 1979-1983 87. Toyota Crown 1983-1987 88. Toyota Crown 1987--1991 (hardtop) 1987--1995 (sedan) 1987--1999 (wagon) 1992-1997 (Facelift sedan) in Indonesia 89. Toyota Crown 1991-1995 90. Toyota Crown 1995-1999 91. Toyota Crown 1999-2003 92. Toyota Crown 2003-2008 93. Toyota Crown 2008--present 94. Toyota Crown Majesta 1991-1995 95. Toyota Crown Majesta 1995-1999 96. Toyota Crown Majesta 1994-2004 97. Toyota Crown Majesta 2004-2009 98. Toyota Crown Majesta 2009 99. Toyota Curren 1994-1998

Toyota Reveals FT-1 Concept at North American International Auto Show 2014 | Toyota
Calty Design Research President Kevin Hunter introduces the Toyota FT-1 sports car concept at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Jan. 13, 2014. First devised by Calty in Sony PlayStation's Gran Turismo 6, the name FT-1 stands for "Future Toyota," and the number "1" represents the ultimate. According to its designers at Calty Design Research, the FT-1 Concept is the ultimate expression of a Toyota coupe design, building upon Toyota's rich sports coupe heritage dating back to the 2000GT, Celica, Supra, MR2 and most recently Scion FR-S. For more on the FT-1, visit http://www.toyota.com/concept-vehicles/ Toyota USA Check out more from ToyotaUSA: http://youtu.be/N5A3R4XqhOA Subscribe to our channel for more about the entire family of Toyota motor vehicles: http://tinyurl.com/mpa9yqn Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/toyota Twitter: https://twitter.com/toyota Instagram: http://instagram.com/toyotausa Google+: https://plus.google.com/+toyotausa/posts In 1957, when Toyota first came to America, Elvis was king of rock n' roll, big cars with tailfins were "in" and postage stamps were just 3 cents. After a poor start with a car called the "Toyopet," Toyota came back strong in 1965 with the popular 90-horsepower Corona sedan. Then there was the Corolla, Camry, Toyota trucks, the Lexus luxury brand, Scion, and the world's first gas/electric hybrid Prius...a car we built for the 21st century. Along the way, we've learned a lot and enjoyed the support of American consumers who have embraced the quality, dependability and reliability of our vehicles. Today, Toyota is one of the top-selling brands in America and we are committed to continuous improvement in everything we do, along with breakthrough products for the future. We're proud to share some highlights of our 50 years of progress and history here.

Toyota Carina 2.0 ti 2001 No.230
★★★ SPECIFICATIONS ★★★ Reference NO: 24-6-230 Maker: Toyota Car name: Carina Year/Month: 2001/11 Odmeter: 111,714km Displacement: 1990cc Transmission: Automatic Drive Type: 4WD Fuel Type: Gasoline(Petrol) Model code: GF-ST215 Chassis No: ST215-6015625 Number of passengers: 5 Number of doors: 4 Volume: L4.49×W1.69×H1.42= 10.78M3 Exterior Color: silver Other Options: AC, Power steering, Radio, CD, Tilt wheel, Power Windows, Rear window defroster, Rear wiper, Alloy wheels, Central lock, Power mirrors, Air Bags (Diriver/Passenger), ABS, FOB Price: SOLDOUT Japanese Used Car Exporter http://www.naganorthree.jp/ もうこの車ダメかなぁ・・・お任せ下さい!! どんなお車でも高価買取り致します!! http://www.3rrr.jp お車の不具合を高品質な中古パーツで安く快適にしませ んか? http://www.3rrr.jp/t-html/t-mail-form-parts.html

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