DTM Norisring - 1993 - Race 1

Here we have an example how to press a 44 lap Norisring race into youtube friendly 10 minutes. Watch Christian Danner and Nicola Larini (starting from position 15) - both Alfa Romeo chasing Jörg van Ommen / Mercedes for the lead in the last few laps. Midway through the video you'll also see Gerd Ruch and his Mustang V8 DTM proving that an all wheel-driven Alfa 155 TI cannot accelerate better than a V8. Enjoy - Cheers RMA Join me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/RMAs-Amateur-Footage/189618134401951

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Dtm 1993 Nordschleife- Race 1
german touring car championship (Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft) 1993; round 5, race 1

DTM 1993 Jahresfilm in 16:9 (Trailer DVD 823)
Jahresfilm der DTM Deutschen Tourenwagenmeisterschaft 1993 im 16:9 WIDESCREEN Format,

Alfa Romeo 155 GTA DRIFTING & Spitting HUGE Flames!!!
Watch this Alfa Romeo 155 GTA drifting and spitting some badass flames during the Bologna Motor Show 2010 "Like" my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/NM2255/258205730865220

ITC / DTM Norisring 1996 Heat 2 - Part 1/3 Full Race
watch heat 2 of the itc 1996 race on the norisring. part 1 of 3. opel had an awesome performance on the brake killing course in nürnberg and finished with a great victory p1-5.