Spud's 1968 Cougar restoration: patch panel replacement

This is the first installment of Spud replacing the rear quarter patch panel. He needs to replace this spot on both sides of the car.

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Spuds 1968 Cougar restoration: sandblasting
We have been told by many car guys that you can't sandblast fenders. They say that the sandblasting would cause excessive heat that would cause the metal to warp. We had an extra quarter panel, so we dicided to try it out. It was successful!

butt weld with mig sheetmetal bedside
Earl Bergeron (aka ebfabman, ezEarl, and eb) installs a lower front bedside panel on a first generation blazer.

68 cougar vs. 69 mustang

BMW e36 coupe rust repairs
1998 e36 323i in steel blue Rust repairs to drivers inner sill and floor pan + seat mounts, complete Replacement outer sill panel including jacking points Not exactly an easy first project but getting there in leaps and bounds, patience and skill is required + a not give up mentality is essential for any project More to follow.