Will it Run? Bonus: Live Sounds of Dead Cars

I had a request for some live engine sounds with no music...This is the same Dodge 230 c.i. flat head 6 chassis running with 2 different bodies on it. Actually runs pretty good, considering it's been sitting since the 60's, and is still running its original plugs, wires, cap, etc. Thanks for checking it out.

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"Will it Run?" Special: 1949 Frazer Daily Driver Project! Week 2
Hi! This week we'll try to get the Frazer to fire for the first time in many years. I also decided that there were enough parts missing (someone had dismantled the car years ago and lost a bunch of stuff) or broken that I was going to need a parts car. There were a trio of early Kaisers for sale at the old Stan Reynolds site in Wetaskiwin, so I decided that they would be close enough, as most of the mechanical bits are similar. Since they were for sale as a set, I had to buy all of them! Anyway, hope you enjoy a look at these old Kaisers that had been sitting in a field for 50 years! Next time we'll get started with the mechanical work the Frazer is going to need to get plated... Thanks for subscribing and for all of your thoughts and comments... Cheers from me and Stella!

Redneck Car Show! Sept 2011
Hi! My friend Agent 1080 hosted the second annual Redneck Car Show at the Lean Burn Technologies compound. A great opportunity to show off all of our beaters and rusty yard decorations! Lots of shabby Mopars, as usual, and a few others as well. This year, the coveted "Western Canada's Worst Car" trophy went to Agent 1080 for his nasty 1980 Dodge Aspen. Cold War Motors was well represented at the show, and brought a surprise entry...

Found in a Field: 1958 Dodge Mayfair Hardtop!
Hi! Cold War Motors just dragged this sweet 1958 Dodge home from out in the country where it had been lying abandoned for many years. It is a very rare piece, with only about 3000 ever made, including all body styles. These Canadian "Plodges" used Plymouth bodies and interiors with Dodge front ends and were manufactured in Canada through 1959. The Mayfair is the top-of-the-line model, and is the equivalent to the Plymouth Belvedere. This one has a 313 Poly-head V8 and power steering. Cold War Motors is going to restore this car as soon as a couple of other projects are finished.

after 30 years of sitting
this is a 1957 VW bug Vert that has sat since 1978. tring to get it started. so close but it was getting late.