M3 CSL (3,64 diff) vs M3 E46 (3,91 diff)

Stock CSL vs light modded M3

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M3 0-200 ( 4.10 diff gear )
A sera in te stradoun

BMW ///M3 E46, 4.10 LSD Acceleration, Pull
This is Just a short clip of my friend's ///M3 E46, S54, 3.2L, 4.10 Ratio Limited slip differential (LSD) Acceleration, Bunch of other stuff done to the Car, but just 2 Much to list :) / Roman007M

BMW M3 E36 3.91 Diff Ratio 0 -100 / 100 - 200 km/h

BMW M3 E46 3.62 vs BMW M3 4.10 vs BMW M3 E46 3.91
BMW M3 E46 with 3.62 (Camera car and stock gear set) Topaz Blau BMW M3 E46 with 4.10 (Middle) Silver Grey BMW M3 E46 with 3.91 (Right) Titanium Silver The 4.10 is the fastest one, follow by 3.91 and 3.62 obviously.