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NSR250R MC28 Dog Fight Racing Exhaust sound


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Rothmans Honda NSR 250 as crashed by Freddie Spencer
Rich Granthams imaculate Honda NSR 250 that was ridden & crashed by racing legend "Fast Freddie" Spencer at the Centenial classic TT in Assen.


nsr 250

NSR250 MC28 REPSOL Jhaチャンバー音 exhaust
Sound test comparison between the stock Exhaust and JHA RS Force 304 stainless steel Exhaust. NOTE: The airbox has been drilled and this has HRC intake stuffers.

NSR300 tyga big-bore nsr250r
My old project bike. mc21 mc18 bottom end tyga 300cc borekit pod filters modified chambers deristricted pgm/gps sensor rebuilt freshly/tuned 55-60hp

美人 HONDA ホンダ NSR NSR250R ホーネット Hornet 美女ライダー
NSR250R (N Software Research Associate にひゃくごじゅう are) is two stroke motorcycles of the racer replica type of Honda Motor. NSR of the car name is abbreviation of New Sprinter Revolution. A summary In a replica of works racer NSR500 which is a competition vehicle of road race world championship (WGP), I become a flagship model in the NSR series of the commercial car. It is distributed between MC16, MC18, MC21, four kinds of MC28 in a model greatly. Yamaha TZR250R, two fierce stroke technology development competition by the comma-shaped design with sea bass RGV250Γ were developed than the first model, and a model change was performed every year during 1990 from 1987. In addition, successive models were consistent entirely, and the start method adopted only a kick starter, and the cell starter was not equipped with. Honda Hornet(Hornet) It is the name of the motorcycle which とは, Honda Motor produce and points at 250cc model in 250cc, 600cc, the series general term of the displacement volume of 900cc, a narrow sense in a wide sense. The Hornet is a hornet. A commentary I equip a monobackbone frame, the rear that can support the body with a tank with a feeling of volume, one corner type pipe with a wide tire and have a characteristic called the up muffler. It is Ney kid of four four water-cooled stroke series cylinder engine deployment and the thing equipped with wide tire which a liter motorcycle is equipped with originally suffers from a topic and boasts of the popularity that is high by the 250cc road sports. In addition, the monobackbone frame which is a frame form is transformation of the diamond frame if I watch it as a road motorcycle, but, actually, the road motorcycle version of the backbone frame of the off-road motorcycle and the which said are near frames. In addition, it is equipped with an engine of the CBR system together, and, as for the engine, each grade is strong in a viewpoint to be Ney kid model of the CBR system.

94 NSR250R SP
知り合いのNSR250R SPの暖気の様子です  煙がものすごいですw  このあと一日一緒に走りましたが、 自分のバイクにすごくオイルが飛んでましたorz

懐かし動画HONDA NSR500エンジン やっぱり2ストがええ


NSR250 MC28 running
Short clip of NSR running and dry clutch.

limited edition repsol bike 222 of 1000 made carbon cans, carbon fender carbon dash gold chambers x-ring gold chain gpr70/a10's magteks

TZR250R & ドッグファイトレーシング

NSR250R-4SE 実働・乾式クラッチ!
NSR250R-4SE 実働・乾式クラッチ!

もてぎスポーツ走行 ST250仕様

NSRウィリー 3

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Jason O'Neill, Engine: 1.8, Turbos: Garrett GT3076R Tires: RS2 / MT ET Street Radials

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RacingConcepts.net, Engine: Stock internals LS1, Tires: Drag Radials

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1990 Mazda Miata MX5 : 12.083 @ 113.190
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2001 Mazda Miata MX5 LS2 V8: 12.327 @ 111.560
RTTV, Engine: LS2 V8: 400HP,

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Dominic Viens, Engine: 281, Supercharger: yes Tires: slicks

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