Hot VWs Drag Day

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Hot VW Drag Day 2013
HOT VW DRAG DAY in Irwindale! Yes it's time to release the angry bees again. Sorry about the video quality. My HD camcorder broke and I had to revert to a regular DV cam. Hope to have a new camcorder before the next upload. Skip to 6:00 if you want to just see the racing. Skip to 15:22 if you want to see a driver save what could have been an ugly spin. Like and ENJOY!

AirMighty at Das Drag Day 7 2009
Date: 19-20 September 2009 Location: Bitburg, Germany

irwindale hot vw's DRAG DAY Volkswagen turbo 7 15 12

Starting The Phantom Ghia prostock VW
First fire up after engine assembly. The Phantom Ghia is a 9 second 1/4 mile, 1958 VW Karmann Ghia door slammer. Built by Robert Cook or Cooker's V-Dubs in Clear Spring, Maryland and owned and driven by Rob Schultz. ****UPDATE**** this car now resides in France under new ownership.