Hyundai cat-back exhaust (Hyundai Performance)

Finally! I made the other video and the batteries of my camera were new, this time. This is a 2010 Hyundai Accent 3 doors with a HyPer (Hyundai Performance) Cat-back Exhaust, a Hy-Per front antistrut bar and a AEM short ram intake.

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08 Hyundai Accent Full Exhaust
April 2 2012 update on my 2008 Hyundai Accent. Finally put megan header on. Fully custom 2.5 Exhaust after header. Fully welded on no bolts no gaskets except on the header. Sounds deeper and louder. Turned out good. As mentioned in previous video 20% tint on all windows except windshield (35%). 205/45 R17 wheels and tires. Short ram intake with a 3 inch spectre filter. Done with mods for now.

Hyundai Accent catback exhaust (Hyundai Performance)
This is the second part of my Exhausts video... Finally, I went up to 5000 rpm, hot engine! I think my camera had a problem, though... It's kind of slow-motion and I did it much faster.

Hyundai Accent Borla Exhaust
Borla Pro XS Cat-Back

2009 Hyundai Accent GLS- Exhaust Cut Out! Loud and Annoying lol
A while back I welded an Exhaust cut out on my 09 Accent.... It sounded cool for about a week, then stared sounding like a 1990 beater with no muffler. If you decide you want to install an Exhaust cut out or cut the muffler off I suggest you get some sort of secondary resonator or stick a cherry bomb in the middle of your system.