406 cid Pontiac engine on the dyno making 351 horse and 431 ft lbs of tq by Tin Indian Performance

This is Mickey Turrin's 406 Pontiac engine on the Dyno. It is pretty much a stock rebuild using Seal Power pistons, RPM rods, a crower 60916 cam, re-done 6x heads, Performer manifold and 750 Q jet carb. The engine makes over 13" of vac at 850 rpm. Engine was rebuilt with Tin Indian Performance gaskets and seals and is topped off with a set of TIP Billet-TEK aluminum valve covers. The engine makes 351 horse and 430 ft lbs of torque. Built by Tin Indian Performance.

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Tony Bromley's 400 to 460 stroke Pontiac Dyno Pull | QMP Racing
Numbers: 550 torque @ 5800rpm 535hp @ 4000rpm For those of you paying attention and noticed the numbers aren't the same on the screenshot, its because we made another few runs, but didn't tape them. We'll upload a pic soon. QMP Racing is located in Chatsworth, CA Check out our website: www.qmpracing.com Like us: facebook.com/qmpracing Tags: qmp racing quarter mile race car engine motor custom high performance chatsworth California hp horse power torque trq Dyno rpm turbo drag Exhaust run Boost psi dragster raceway nitro Nitrous super Supercharger muscle burnout idle motorsports Mustang cam Ford hydraulic Street pontiac Cars Supra "Drag Racing" Pontiac Shelby Dodge Twin Stock Mazda Ls1 Motorcycle Bike

Pump Gas Pontiac engine 535 cid MR 1A 690 HP 707 TQ on dyno 300 rpm pull
This is an ALL aluminum 535 cid Pontiac engine we built for Stephen Galea in Australia. The engine is based off a Kauffman Performance MR-1A aluminum block. For this power level we decided to use a forged Eagle crank and rod Eagle 6.7 rods along with a set of Ross pistons with a custom dish to run on pump gas. A Tin Indian Performance custom ground Comp Cams hyd roller was also used with Lunati hyd roller lifters. The engine is topped off with Kauffman Racing Equipment 80 cc High Port heads and North Wind intake and intake. We also used a custom Pro Systems Dominator style carb. The combo pulled 12" of vac at 850 rpm! It made 690 hp @ 5400 and 707 ft lbs of torque @ 4200 rpm. ALL ON PUMP GAS!!! The engine is finished off with a pair of our Billet-TEK Tin Indian Performance logo valve covers and one of our complete evac systems. Steve should have his hands full!

KRE WARP 6 headed 535 cid Pontiac engine idel on dyno
This is the fist KRE WARP 6 headed 535 cid Pontiac engine at idel on the Dyno. This engine is built using a K&M Performance Parts MR-1 block, with KRE's canted valve WARP 6 cylinder heads. This is a fully machined casting with water jackets that flows over 400 cfm as cast. This is the ULTIMATE Pontiac cylinder head!

KRE built Warp 6 headed 428 cid Pontiac engine warming up on the dyno
This is a KRE build 428 cid engine that features a MR-1A aluminum block and a set of KRE Warp 6 heads. This engine makes over 1000+ HP at 9500 rpm. The video just doesn't do this engine justice!