Dragway 42 Vintage Drag Racing Footage From 1967-68

Watch this nearly 5 minute production featuring stock class, funny car, and wheelstander action at Dragway 42 in 1967 and 1968. These Don Dahl provided movies which were edited and enhanced by DAR-MEDIA.com show the period of time when Dragway 42 advanced from a nationally known track to the "World's Only 4 Lane Drag Strip". Watch Chevelles, Corvettes, Mopars, 55 and 57 Chevys, coupes, Willys, and more. The production includes rare footage of the original L.A. Dart wheelstander driven by Wild Bill Schrewsberry during the days before steering brakes, rear mounted engines, and glass bottomed chassis were in use as well as Fast Eddie Schartman in his Air Lift Rattler sponsored Mercury Cyclone funny car in two exhibition runs including a match race against a top fuel dragster. Enjoy this vintage racing action from Dragway 42, Northern Ohio's place to race for more than 50 years. For more information concerning the history of and current racing action at the track, visit the website at http://www.dragway42.com

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Dragway 42 Vintage Drag Racing Footage From 1971
From original 8mm film shot by Rosco and a friend in 1971 at historic Dragway 42 see front engine dragsters, fuel altereds, stockers, roadsters, coupes, and much much more buring up the quarter mile. Dragway 42 will celebrate its 50th Anniversary in 2007. Visit www.Dragway42.com for more details.

70s Drag Racing
70s Drag Racing

Norwalk and Dragway 42 1968
Old time Drag Racing 1968

Cloverleaf Speedway & Dragway 42. 1972 Alessandro 5thV
Presented on YouTube by Dominic Alessandro. This Video has Vintage Stock Car Racing & Vintage Drag Racing Footage from 1972 at Cloverleaf Speedway & Dragway 42 in Northern Ohio. The Video was made from Our Home Movies on 8mm Film and Created to Share some Rare Historic Local Racing with Others. The Music Parallels the History of this 40 Year Old Document and is Strictly for the Reflection of the Times in the Late 1960s and Early 1970s and is Not Used for Profit or for any other Personal / Commercial Gain. The Music Artists in this Video are "Sonny Geraci & The Outsiders" Sonny is also a Family Friend, "Tommy James & The Shondells" and "The Beach Boys". The Cars and The Music go Hand and Hand to keep each Other Alive as Expressed in this Video. The Credits at the end list Everyone that is a Part of and Who Encouraged this Video to come to life for all of you Car Guy's & Gal's anywhere you maybe viewing this Especially in the Cleveland, Ohio area. This Ones for You. At the start of the Singing to The Beach Boy's Song you can see my Brother Anthony with his Arms over the Fence Looking back to the Starting Line. If you know Anyone in this Video or would like to share something please feel free to leave a Comment. We hope you like this. P.S. Thank You for all your Shared Stories & Comments on Cloverleaf Speedway's Facebook.