Mazda 1300 Wagon Show Car Idle.Plates Are BRIDGY

Mazda 1300 Wagon Show Car,13B Bridgeport Idling,Sounds Crispy

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Mazda Rx-2 turbo coming on boost "what a sound"
Rx-2 turbo Coming on Boost

Rx3 12a BP Turbo Start Up (WARNING VERY LOUD BAP13B)
Mazda Rx3 12A Bp turbo Idle on trailer after brand new engine rebuild, BAP13B

mazda rx3 coupe 13b bridgeport start up
1973 Mazda Rx-3 Coupe,13b Bridgeport,51 mm Weber,B45 Simmons,All in Old Skool Style.True Example Of One Of The Finest Rx-3's In Australia

Sexy Rx3 Buzzurk Stalling It Up
sexy rx3 plates buzrk stalling up his 5500 stall convertor 12a turbo