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800 HP Lancia Delta S4 | IN DEPTH Tour and PURE Sound
On 11 September , I was at the 2016 " TOP SELECTION " event. Here, I've spotted this epic 800 HP Lancia Delta S4. Enjoy the Video and Subscribe in my Youtube Channel for more. Follow me on: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:

Lancia Delta S4 Stradale 1 of 45 at Joe Macari's Showroom.
Here you have the Lancia Delta S4 Stradale, 1 of 45 road-cars remaining. Very rare car indeed and looks different to what we are used to see nowadays. However don't mistaken it's looks as this car was a rapid and still is a machine. Hope you enjoyed the video, lots more to come in the future. Comment, like and subscribe! Link to their FaceBook page ;- Link to their website ;- Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Filmed & Edited By Ricardo Calheiros. Camara;- Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Editing Software;- Coral VideoStudio X7 Pro

This Lancia Delta S4 Is A Ballet Of Brutality
“It’s a car enthusiast’s collection, right,” says John Campion. “I don’t have cars because I want to impress anybody. If you don’t know what a rally car is, you’re kinda like, ‘That’s a dirty car, there are cracks on it’… But I find the passion I have for these cars goes back to the individuals who drove them.” Beginning as a “lucky” immigrant to the U.S. in 1984 with $26 in his pocket, Campion has worked hard for the last few decades and is finally able to indulge in the vehicles most meaningful to him. From a Lotus Cortina similar to the Ford Cortina his father bought new in period to World Rally Championship rally-winning group B cars, his collection is definitely filled with fog lights and Martini stickers. “I grew up in Ireland in the late-’60s and early ’70s, and had a fascination with all things mechanical,” he says. “My father was a mechanical kind of guy, and we grew up restoring old tractors and steam engines—so once I started making a few dollars, I started purchasing cars, and went through the wholy myriad of cars and ended up where we are today, which is predominantly cars from my youth—rally cars.” He makes no mistakes in recognizing his limitations as a driver, because piloting some of the fastest all-road vehicles ever conceived takes a steel will and full committment— “I drive the car for 15 minutes, and I’m Exhausted…” he says to convey how amazing Group B pilots were in period. “Group B drivers were the best of the best of the best…” he says. “But it’s still humbling to drive the same car as these rally legends; to be able to show the cars, drive the cars, and get a wider audience for these cars.” “If you own them and don’t show them, and you own them and don’t drive them, and own them but don’t share them…it’s a rich man’s folly.” Drive Tastefully®

Lancia Delta S4 prototype Groupe B 1984 - Images d'archives des tests du premier prototype Lancia Delta S4 conçu pour la compétition automobile en Groupe B. ☟Plus d'infos ci-dessous☟ Lorsque le projet de réalisation de la Delta S4 fut lancé, Fiat n'avait pas encore décidé que la voiture serait une Lancia. Son nom de code, Tipo 831, était alors propre à Abarth et non Lancia. À sa présentation, en décembre 1984, la S4 développait 400 chevaux mais pour son homologation un an plus tard, elle atteignait 450 chevaux (225 km/h et le 0 à 100 km/h en 2,6 secondes). Deux cents exemplaires de S4 Stradale furent produits pour homologation entre 1985 et 1987 avec une puissance ramenée à 250 chevaux en version civile. Rejoignez-nous sur Facebook : Rebelcar, la passion des vraies voitures.