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800 HP Lancia Delta S4 | IN DEPTH Tour and PURE Sound
On 11 September , I was at the 2016 " TOP SELECTION " event. Here, I've spotted this epic 800 HP Lancia Delta S4. Enjoy the Video and Subscribe in my Youtube Channel for more. Follow me on: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:

Lancia Delta S4 stradale #3
Ulteriore breve filmato sulla Incredibile Lancia Delta S4 in versione Stradale ( Una delle ultime versioni prodotte,notare la targhetta identificativa che reca la Dicitura "Alfa Lancia Industriale") Musica : Luciano Ligabue - Radiofreccia Soundtrack Another brief shoot sequence about the incredible Lancia Delta S4 Stradale (One of the last built version...Please see the VIN plate...There is " Alfa Lancia Industriale " logo) Music by : Luciano Ligabue - Radiofreccia Soundtrack

Lancia Delta S4 Stradale - 1 0f 200 (Group B Homologation Example)
One of the rarest Lancias ever: The Delta S4 stradale,a road going example of the infamous Rally car beast that was the most extreme and developed of the Group B monsters from the 80's.The special thing to know about this car is the revolutionary technology in its engine: for the first time ever, Both turbocharger and Supercharger (Volumex) working together for a continous and constant acceleration and torque. With less than 1000 Kg and more than 500 AWHP, the rally version of the S4 can do 0-60 in 2.7 s.On every surface. What a beast! isn't it? Hope you enjoied, Subscribe for more Supercars & Racecars videos full HD

Lancia Delta S4 Stradale - Japanese Tv-broadcast
Rare video of a very rare car... The Lancia Delta s4 Stradale (Road version) was only built for a limited run of 200 cars. Amazing car.