STaSIS B8 S4 cat-back exhaust

STaSIS Engineering Audi B8 S4 Touring / Challenge Exhaust

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2013 Audi S4 Stasis Exhaust
Two of four silencers removed.

2010 Audi B8 S4 Milltek Non-Resonated Catback Exhaust
Before and after video of the milltek non-resonated catback Exhaust on my B8 S4

S4 with STaSIS Touring Exhaust
Here is a video of a few different situations with the STaSIS touring Exhaust installed on my 2012 Audi S4 with the DSG transmission. There are some exterior and interior shots. Hopefully the interior videos will help people determine about the "drone" that everyone complains about. I don't really notice any, but this is the DSG specific Exhaust. There are not a lot of good videos for the STaSIS Exhaust which is why I wanted to make this. I have about 4000 miles on the Exhaust and love it. I can try to get some more video if there is interest. Video was taken with a GoPro and the car was in Dynamic mode for all videos. No other mods to the car.

AWE B8 S4 Exhaust
This video was designed to capture the before and after audio as a result of upgrading to the resonated, full Exhaust system offered from AWE tuning. For those who dont want to hear the stock sounds and want to go right to the glorious sounds of the AWE Exhaust, skip ahead to 1:42 in the video. Hopefully this video helps offer some real world driving scenarios to get a better understanding of how this Exhaust might sound on your car. This Exhaust is very civil when cruising around town and doesn't drone. But when it's time to go wide open throttle, it exudes some rather prodigious, delightful sounds. This Exhaust system is the resonated version and includes the downpipes offered by AWE. The vehicle in this video is equipped with the S-tronic transmission and factory intake system. For those looking for an even louder setup, AWE also offers a non resonated version of this Exhaust.