5.0 Mustang (Notchback Coupe) vs Trans Am (Bandit)

"Factory Pure Stock" Drag Racing, featuring a 5.0 Mustang LX Coupe vs a 1977 Firebird 400 Bandit Trans Am, in a '70s vs '80s Musclecar Shootout.

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5.0 Mustang Coupe vs Grand National Turbo ('80s pure stock)
"Factory Pure Stock" class semi finals... Featuring a 5.0 Mustang LX Coupe (Notchback) taking on a Buick Grand National. Mustang red-lights to lose the race, but pulls out another 14.1 recorded time... This was the last 5.0 Coupe to hang in there with the infamously fast Grand Nationals, which were breaking into the 13 second range all day.

79' T/A v.s Mustang

Firebird vs Mustang/Nova vs Nova/S10 vs Camaro/Mustang vs Cutlass
Firebird vs 408 Foxbody Mustang GT 5spd Chevy Nova vs Chevy Nova 406 S10 vs Camaro Supercharged 347 Mustang vs. Cutlass

1978 Trans Am vs 5.0 Mustang
Missed 3rd again!! Getting too excited.