13B PP Mazda RX4 - Promaz

Daniel's neat Mazda RX4 street car on the Dyno at Promaz Automotive. The car is powered by a Promaz PP peripheral port 13B rotary engine and MicroTech LT10s EFI fuel system. [ http://www.promaz.com.au ] http://www.facebook.com/fullBoostcomau http://www.youtube.com/user/fullBoostcomau http://www.fullBoost.com.au

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rx323 13b monsterbridge, walk around and start
*FOR SALE* 1983 323 2 door wagon with 13b monsterbridge port, 51mm ida, gilmors, high comp rx8 rotors, fully dowled, race oil and water pump,only done about 1500ks on all new engine, rotor housing......list is endless, receipts for all parts and work done on motor and internals. brand new Exhaust system just been fit to make it pass warrant, mazspeed lsd, s1 rx7 front assemble with coil overs, extra leave spring in rear and reset alloy radiator, holly blue fuel reg, twin bosch coils, locked dizzy, excedy heavy duty clutch......... only 36,000ks on body, is in bay of islands nz, up for sale at the right price.

Pac Performance - HYP001 13BPP R100 Dyno and first full pass
After pumping out a solid 329rwhp on the Pac Performance Dyno with Rocky tweaking the Microtech LT-16c, the aspirated 13B PP powered HYP001 runs an easy 10.11@122 on its first full track pass

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