My NASCAR driving experience

This is a video of me driving at Atlanta Motor Speedway. 6 laps around the track...You are seeing what I saw. Notice that glare...the 20 degree banking and how very close that wall is! Yea, so I stalled the car...I was nervous. Yea, so I had the instuctor asist me near that wall...I wanted to live you know! It was very difficult to follow the line given, and really hard to see it with the banking of the track....Hey, at least I can say I did it! I managed around 140 once I got the hang of it. Not bad for a 50 year old! Yea... I lift up on the throttle near that wall don;t I...BUT I EVEN PASSED SOMEONE!!!

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Will I join the 200 miles per hour club today? Thanks to our subscriber and friend, we were able to attend the Mario Andretti NASCAR Racing Experience today and we had a blast. ➥ Grab your #EvanShanks merch here: Subscribe for more videos of me, my life and my cars! Be victorious! Andretti Racing Experience: ➥ [SNAPCHAT] @ evanshanks ➥ [INSTAGRAM] ➥ [TWITTER] ➥ [FACEBOOK] SEND ME STUFF: 📪 P.O. box 10112, 1590 E Joyce Blvd. Fayetteville, AR 72703 ___ ➥ 20% off TUNER CRATE using code "SHANKSQUAD": ➥ 10% off + FREE SHIPPING on ProSupps supplements with code "SHANKSQUAD": ➥ 10% off MVMT watches using code "EVANSHANKS": ➥ 20% off signing up with Throtl using code "SHANKSQUAD": ___ BACKGROUND MUSIC: ➥ OUTRO BY Daniil Vataman

My Nascar Driving Experience
I learn to drive a stock car at Texas Motor Speedway.

NASCAR driving class - 150 mph
This video is from the dashboard camera of an authentic NASCAR stock car that I drove at Texas Motor Speedway. The driving class is offered by I drove 10 laps and hit 150mph multiple times. A professional driver was in the passenger seat. The price was $214.50 and that was a half price summer special. Well worth it.

Charlotte Speedway - Nascar Driving Experience - 149MPH
Richard Petty Driving Experience - Charlotte Speedway - 149 MPH Fastest lap between all participants