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Snetterton2016 Race 3 Start Abbott Flips Scary Crash into Camera Mount

MEGA British Touring CAR CRASH Cameraman has a lucky Escape!! As butt clenching moments go, this is right up there and the cameraman was very lucky to escape from this almighty crash in the BTCC with just a new pair of underpants required! In terms of consistently close and exciting racing there’s nothing really that comes close to BTCC - as its loyal fans are well aware. Every year the thirty round series produces a start-to-finish thriller which sees stars like Plato, Shedden, Tordoff, Neal and Jackson go head-to-head in stunning modified saloon cars. 2016 has proved no exception and, as the Official Review shows, this was another bumper-bending, fender-crunching, no-holds-barred season-long campaign that has provided no end of entertainment. With cameras in the cockpits of leading contenders, as well as on multiple points around each course you get a real sense of being there in the moment, especially when a careening car takes out one of the camera stations! It’s all here on the two disc Official Review to provide over seven hours of thrills and spills as only BTCC can! We're on INSTAGRAM: Like us on FACEBOOK: Follow us on TWITTER:

British Touring Car Championship Crash Compilation (NO MUSIC)
All rights go to the broadcasters. This is not our music. Credit to Mark Petrie.

BTCC Start line crash takes out cameraman at Snetterton race circuit 31/7/2016
Snetterton Race track 31/07/16 British Touring Car Championship Crash on start of the last race of the day: "To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts,please email:"