Corvette ZO6 Dual Mode Exhaust Comparison

2009 Corvette ZO6 Sequence: Open - start Closed - start Closed - idle Open - idle (at ~0:45) I am sick of all the Exhaust videos on youtube where the camera is placed on the ground, about a foot from the Exhaust. When was the last time you laid flat on the ground to listen to someone's Exhaust? Not only the ridiculousness of that, but also that the sound overwhelms the stock microphone, leading to audio that is more or less just really loud hissing. This isn't the best audio clip on the web, as it was taken with the stock microphone in a canon 7D, but it should give a pretty good idea of what the car sounds like stock versus pulling the fuse (a la Mild 2 Wild). Filmed on a Canon 7D

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C6 ZO6 Corvette.. Flowmaster Outlaw exhaust..
This is a stock C6 ZO6 other than a custom flomaster outlaw shorty's Exhaust,, (3"in/3"out)... Personally I think if you want something LOUD that has a great rumble to it for a better price,,, instead of buying some c6 Exhaust system, try this, sounds just as good as any system... Very happy with the results. And kept the stock baffles on so the zo6 so it can be turned down a little at times.....  Custom zo6 flowmaster outlaw Exhaust

2008 Corvette z06 Custom Dual Exhaust
2008 Corvette Z06 with Custom Dual Exhaust Very nice sounding car Done at Lucky's Garage

2007 C6 Corvette Z06 Stock Dual Mode Exhaust ** Fuse Pulled **
Stock Exhaust before putting on Bassani Aft-Cat. This is the dual mode with the fuse pulled.

Borla S-Type II Exhaust - 2010 C6
New Borla S-Type II Exhaust installed on my 2010 coupe. Base car, not a Z06 or ZR1.