"Shaker" Funny Car

Shaker Funny Car, currently running A/Altered, at Heathcote Park Raceway

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drag car Shaker HK Monaro
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Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Car Circuit members pair off at the RT66 Classic 8-15-15. Ford vs Chevy match up of Rocky Ausec owner and driver of the "Solid Rock" '71 Ford Mach I Mustang powered by an 8/71 Dyer Blown 540ci BBC with a Powerglide trans takes on Bill Anderson who owns and drives his "Roadshow" '69 Chevy Camaro Z/28 powered by an 8/71 Littlefield Blown 448ci Keith Black Hemi on Methanol and Lenco 3sp with reverse. In the Mopar match up its the "Flying Butcher" Chris Schneider piloting John Troxel's "Mopar Crazy" '71 Dodge Challenger, originally the Della Woods' Funny Honey, now powered by a 6/71 Blown 417ci Donovan with a Powerglide trans against Mark Horvath piloting Kay and Chuck Horvath's "Gold Coast Charger" '77 Chrysler Cordoba powered by a 10/71 Littlefield Blown 426ci Keith Black Stage 3 Hemi with a Coan 2 speed Powerglide trans. The guys put on quite the show reminiscent of the 70's and 80's traveling funny car events. In the end it was Bill Anderson with his "Roadshow" '69 Z/28 Camaro taking top honors with the two fastest ETs from the first round race and the first to cross the finish line. He also had low ET of the show. To see the next Great Lakes Funny Car event and more about the drivers and cars go to http://www.glnfcc.com

Time Traveler - Nitro Funny Car Start-up
This is a Nitro fuel funny car that was at the GoodGuys show that they started up. When the car switches to nitro it's pumping out 6000HP!! It was really, REALLY loud! A total rush.

Drag car Shaker HK Monaro 1
Drag Car Shaker HK Monaro, Drag Car Shaker HK Monaro funny car,