"Shaker" Funny Car

Shaker Funny Car, currently running A/Altered, at Heathcote Park Raceway

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drag car Shaker HK Monaro
Shaker HK drag car, Shaker monaro drag car, Shaker funny car.

Drag car Shaker HK Monaro 1
Drag Car Shaker HK Monaro, Drag Car Shaker HK Monaro funny car,

Nostalgia Drags Nov 2010 Part 6b
Extended version of Part 6. Shows 2 extra runs that we found later on the camcorder. Great burnout by one of the rods http://xtremecarzone.com.au/

Marsh Rodders Drag Day
It was supposed to be the Marsh Rodders Hot Rod Drags but with entrant number looking a bit thin, organiser Noel Inman opened up the entries for just about anyone and a bunch of old school muscle showed up to play. There were some killer looking cars on the day, but our favourite was the "Funderbolt" gasser. You can learn more about it in the upcoming Street Machine Hot Rod Journal. What a cool machine!