Ford Escort ZX2 test run

Just a boring vid of me driving down the road and back after doing the ATX to MTX swap. The Spec 3 clutch wasn't fully broken in yet, so I didn't push it too hard, just a pull to 60mph. Worklog here,

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Toyota corolla tach
New SunPro tach in my AE-82 Corolla.

Train runs over camera
Something I've always wanted to do. The train had seven units, three of which were online. There also was a rather large air line leak about half way though (don't know if it's audible in the vid). I believe the leak was the reason for it creeping along so slowly (it was a mainline). It later stopped ten miles from here for about 10 min., blocking a crossing, where I caught some cool slack action.

Ford Escort 2.0L Timing Belt
This is the timing belt procedure for the 2.0L Ford Escort. I also describe how to perform the procedure on a 1.9L. These videos are intended for educational purposes only. I am an automotive instructor at the Billings Career Center in Montana. Please like and visit us at

2000 ford escort zx2
This is a tour of my ford escort that im selling. Its pretty clean for its age and it only has 117k on it. The car was just recently purchased at a auto auction let me know if your interested. Thanks for watching.