Kyle's 1982 Dodge Rampage

This is the Beginning of my project: a 1982 Dodge Rampage. Eventually I will transplant a new 2.4 turbo motor and a 5-speed out of a Caliber SRT-4.

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Reviving the '82 Dodge Rampage
Alot of people don't know this even exists

Junkyard Finds: Dodge RAMPAGE
The poor selling unibody fwd car/truck that came too late and powered by the 2.2L k car engine. Just what I've been trying to find for a long time. Subscribe for more! Please like Mesquite Automotive on facebook! Follow on Instagram

1984 Dodge Rampage 2.2

1982 Dodge Rampage Pickup Truck brochure
This is the 1982 Dodge Rampage Pickup Truck sales brochure.