Evo FP Black Whistle

Just finished a build with the fp black. The whistle is crazy loud. Please Like, Comment, Share, and SUBSCRIBE!

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Evo 9 FP Black 1/4 Mile (630 WHP)
Went to the track, first pass on the tires. Was running 34 PSI on E85! Please Like, Comment, Share, SUBSCRIBE!

550 HP FP Black Evo 8 Vs. The V8 World
BR 2.1 Stage 3 Racing a few v8s IG: @kansasEvo

BR 2.3L FP Black DBB AMS F1i Toxicfab Tubular manifold BR Race FMIC etc E85 610WHP @ 36psi
I quoted the wrong power in the video. Its making 610 @ 36psi doing logging on the interstate. Goal is 138 as it sits. 140 is not happening on kelford 272 in my car i dont think.

K.P. Tuning Evo 8 FP Black Dyno 557whp 34psi meth
K.p. Tuning back at it again. Still on the FP black with a few very minor difference. Car is now making 557whp & 472tq. Self built & Self tuned.