Mitsubishi Starion 4WD RALLY


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Starion4WD in Mitsubishi Champion's Meeting '02 02
Historic parade

Built for Group B: 1984 Mitsubishi Starion 4WD Rally - 4G63 Turbo
The Mitsubishi Auto Gallery is an odd place. Though filled with gems, it remains one of Japan's best kept automotive secret. Down the back of the collection is this 1 of 5 (1 of 3 surviving) 4WD short nose, rally Starion. Engine is a turbo intercooled 4G63, SOHC engine. It car weighs in at just about 1000 kg thanks to numerous carbon fibre suspension & drive-train components. Weigh is the body has also been reduced thanks to copious use of light-weight fibreglass panels. More videos from the Mitsubishi Auto Gallery: Become a PATREON: Home: Facebook: Instagram: CarThrottle: T-shirts: Music Credit: DB Production Company. Used with permission and appreciation. On Youtube: On the web:

SS エスエスの予告編

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