Yamaha FZR SHO 400HP+

A modified SHO stage 3 conversion 2010 model on normal pump gas (93RON) and no ecu mods done all home baked! put that in ur pipe ! I roughly measured the acceleration speed at 0 to 82 mph at 3 sec ,mods done to improve handling stock pump but new Riva Racing impeller. The 1/8th mile in about 6 seconds ! We have done a hundred hours on this ski and it still has not given any problems ,build to last!

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Yamaha FZR with R&D 1.9L Big Bore Kit
2009 Yamaha FZR with R&D 1.9L Big Bore Kit, RC2 cams with dual spring kit and titanium retainers, adjustable gears, 5 angle valve grind, C3-11 monster wheel with R&D hardened shaft, R3 reflash, K-1 rods, R&D water-cooled Supercharger housing, ceramic coated piston crowns, graphite coated piston skirts, modified waterbox, through-hull Exhaust, R&D intake grate and ride plate, skat-trak 14/24 Pro Pitch, Dynotune AFR and Boost/Vac guages, PET2100DX tach, custom paint and much more.

YAMAHA FZR 550cv !!! Nicolas RIUS JETSKI
Nicolas RIUS présente le YAMAHA FZR turbo - 144 km/h - interview FUNJET http://www.funjetmagazine.com/


Riva Racing 400hp Turbo Kit for the Yamaha 1.8L Engine
Riva Racing is now selling a 400hp turbo kit for the Yamaha 1.8L engine that powers the high-performance FZR, FZS, VXR, VXS as well as the luxury-performance FX models.