Yamaha FZR SHO 400HP+

A modified SHO stage 3 conversion 2010 model on normal pump gas (93RON) and no ecu mods done all home baked! put that in ur pipe ! I roughly measured the acceleration speed at 0 to 82 mph at 3 sec ,mods done to improve handling stock pump but new Riva Racing impeller. The 1/8th mile in about 6 seconds ! We have done a hundred hours on this ski and it still has not given any problems ,build to last!

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Yamaha FZR with R&D 1.9L Big Bore Kit
2009 Yamaha FZR with R&D 1.9L Big Bore Kit, RC2 cams with dual spring kit and titanium retainers, adjustable gears, 5 angle valve grind, C3-11 monster wheel with R&D hardened shaft, R3 reflash, K-1 rods, R&D water-cooled Supercharger housing, ceramic coated piston crowns, graphite coated piston skirts, modified waterbox, through-hull Exhaust, R&D intake grate and ride plate, skat-trak 14/24 Pro Pitch, Dynotune AFR and Boost/Vac guages, PET2100DX tach, custom paint and much more.


Yamaha FZR Riva Thru Hull system Riva HKS BOV
Yamaha FZR Riva Thru Hull system, Riva HKS BOV, Riva Power filter

Yamaha VXR and FZR Drag Race Sea-Doo RXT-X
Video montage of dealers drag racing the Yamaha VXR, Yamaha FZR and Sea-Doo RXT-X at recent demo event. Lots of fun for the dealers who were very impressed that the Yamaha VXR (without a Supercharger) consistently beat the Sea-Doo supercharged model.