Superkart - Hockenheim 2012 - Race 2

second race on saturday the 31st of March 2012. Started as 9th finishing 1st!

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FERRARI vs GO KART - Chase - Battle in top gear - Challenge Stradale | V8 Sound | SCC TV
Feel free to also have a look at this great video of a Bugatti versus a Ferrari: We visited the Herfstrit 2012 Meeting (Autumn Ride 2012) in Holland. Here some spectacular footage of a race between two karts and a couple of Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradales. Enjoy some Stradale - Kart action! We make these videos because we love cars. Please help us keep making them by liking our videos. Thank you very much!

NÜRBURGRING 2014 Race 2 - European Superkart Series (ESS) - Andreas Jost - 06. Juli
Race 2 from the European Superkart Series at the legendary Nürburgring. Started from P6, had to avoid an accident with Daniel Hentschel & Dave Harvey in front and came back during the Race to P4 after a nice fight for almost 2 laps with Henrik Lilja. Overall now P2 in the Championship. Congratulation to Peter Elkmann (1st), Adam Kout (2nd) and Guido Kleinemeyer (3rd). For more Information please visit us on: