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Ford Taunus Knudsen 1971 1600 XL
71er Ford Taunus Knudsen 4-Zylinder 1600 XL Automatic

One-of-a-Kind V12 Ford on the Dyno
For the complete Dyno chart, please check ne-of-a-kind-v12-ford/ This is the first Dyno run of the homebuilt Ford V12 created by Jan Baker out of two 302 Ford blocks and three Cleveland heads. With a 4.090 inch bore and 3.500 inch stroke, this engine has a 552 cubic inch displacement. As far as we know, this is the only engine like this on the planet. The Dyno testing was done at the shops of Automotive Specialists in Concord, NC ( ) We're constantly uploading great new videos. Please subscribe so you won't miss out! MORE INTERNET GOODNESS: Website: Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter: Google+: Instagram:

Ford Taunus custom
Ford Taunus 1971 preparata in casa da me e mio babbo, riproduzione scherzosa del General Lee di Hazzard!

1971 Ford Cortina Restoration Project
1971 Ford Cortina Restoration Project Source : classic cars restoration UK