Hot Wheels 4-Lane Elimination Race Review

This affordable track set was around again for the 2012 holiday season. Big Lots and pharmacies got the basic track set for around $30 but Target had this special bundle for just under $40. If I bring this set back out again, You can suggest a head to head match. This will be my Pick List video for suggestions for this track.

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Hot Wheels Track Builder 5-Lane Tower Starter Set
This is Hot Wheels new track system for 2014. Just like Trick Tracks encouraged fans to have creative layouts and have fun with their cars, the Hot Wheels Track Builder system has lots of different sets for all price ranges. This 5-Lane Tower Starter Set is a fantastic centerpiece! No batteries required! The models shown in this video: Vandetta (included with the set) Krazy 8's (Track Builder 5-Pack) Custom '11 Camaro (Track Builder 5-Pack) Spine Buster (Track Builder 5-Pack) Asphalt Assault (Track Builder 5-Pack) High Voltage (Track Builder 5-Pack) Power Pipes Maelstrom Recommended Videos (Annotations) Rapid Transit Trains Big Air Jump Vertical Velocity Track Builder Playlist Subscribe to RaceGrooves Social Networking sites/connections Facebook - Google+ RaceGrooves YouTube Playlists

Hot Wheels 3-Lane Super Speedway Product Review
Can this track be expanded? I answer this question in the following video link: 3-Lane Super Speedway Expandability Update Here's a video where I used this for Track Time 2014 P! Check out this brand new track set! It reminds me of this Tomica set:

Hot Wheels On The Micro Drifters Motorized Super Speedway
HwMss00 Let's see if Hot Wheels cars work on the Disney Pixar Cars Micro Drifters Motorized Super Speedway! The links shown at the end are: Disney Cars Micro Drifters Playlist Power Tower Demolition Derby PTDD Hot Wheels 3-Lane Super Speedway Disney Pixar Cars Playlist

Hot Wheels Trackin Trucks! Track Loop Testing!
These new sets appeared right after Christmas 2012. They cost around $5 USD. I got mine at Walmart but I would expect them to be available at other stores. They remind me of the Truckin' Transporters. As for whether these work in the Boosters, anytime you have a model where there is no fender protection on the wheels, you should NOT put it through the Boosters. Bone Blazers includes a Bone Shaker Road Rally includes on Off Track