Hot Wheels 4-Lane Elimination Race Review

This affordable track set was around again for the 2012 holiday season. Big Lots and pharmacies got the basic track set for around $30 but Target had this special bundle for just under $40. If I bring this set back out again, You can suggest a head to head match. This will be my Pick List video for suggestions for this track.

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Hot Wheels Downhill Raceway Race Set Product Review (Wavy Pick List)
Wavy Pick List. Feel free to make suggestions for 3-car challenges. In order to be considered, you must post a comment with three specific castings in one comment. I won't be putting viewers against each other. Therefore, if you only suggest one or two cars, your suggestion will be skipped. Please be sure to put the complete name in order to avoid confusion. If you just say Ford Mustang, well, which one? If you say Jet Threat, is it III or 4.o? Finally, I may not be able to fulfill specific requests. Just ask for the car (or truck) and I will pick the release/color. If I get a chance to do races, I will take suggestions from this video. It is my Wavy Pick List. Finally, future videos are one-and-done. I will not be keeping track of every race and doing competitions with just the winners. One and done. I would rather have more opportunities for more people to get selected for a race rather than let winners have extra videos. Hot Wheels has some fun tracks and this Downhill Raceway Race Set is another multi-lane gravity track set! It has been released before but this is the first time that I have reviewed it. It is a great set to take your pile of cars and make competitive heats. Have an exotics race. A Fantasy Race. All red cars. Even other brands of similarly-sized cars and trucks will work just fine. The Mini-Movies are: Auto Motion Speedway Track Time! 2013 M Case Hot Wheels Turbine Twister Subscribe to RaceGrooves Social Networking sites/connections Facebook - Google+ RaceGrooves YouTube Playlists

Super 6-Lane Raceway From Mattel Hot Wheels!
Here's the biggest hard plastic downhill race track that Hot Wheels has ever made! it's over 8 feet long and has a fantastic mechanical/electronic finish line. When the cars strike their finish line toggle, the electronic voice will announce the winning lane plus there is a flashing light above the winner's lane. (3) AA batteries are required for the Electronic Finish Line. The models that were included in this set were: Phantom Racer Mercy Breaker Octanium Side Draft Cockney Cab II Monoposto Jeremy's racers: RD-01 Dragon Blaster Bone Shaker (High Speed wheels) TV Batmobile Amanda's Racers: Fast Fish The Homer Twin Mill III '71 Mustang Funny Car (Treasure Hunt) Dad's racers (Mark) Power Rocket '95 Camaro Nitrium '57 Chevy This is not a current product. I picked it up on clearance in January, 2012. Here is my original video Recommendations (Annotations) 4-Lane Elimination Race Track Time! 2014 H case Downhill Raceway (Wavy Lanes) Gorilla Takedown Follow-Up Subscribe to RaceGrooves Social Networking sites/connections Facebook - Google+ RaceGrooves YouTube Playlists

Hot Wheels Track Builder 5-Lane Tower Starter Set
This is Hot Wheels new track system for 2014. Just like Trick Tracks encouraged fans to have creative layouts and have fun with their cars, the Hot Wheels Track Builder system has lots of different sets for all price ranges. This 5-Lane Tower Starter Set is a fantastic centerpiece! No batteries required! The models shown in this video: Vandetta (included with the set) Krazy 8's (Track Builder 5-Pack) Custom '11 Camaro (Track Builder 5-Pack) Spine Buster (Track Builder 5-Pack) Asphalt Assault (Track Builder 5-Pack) High Voltage (Track Builder 5-Pack) Power Pipes Maelstrom Recommended Videos (Annotations) Rapid Transit Trains Big Air Jump Vertical Velocity Track Builder Playlist Subscribe to RaceGrooves Social Networking sites/connections Facebook - Google+ RaceGrooves YouTube Playlists

Customizing Hot Wheels and Matchbox Cars with Rit Dye
Rit dye is mostly used for dying fabric. it can be found in many retailers, especially crafts stores.