Nigata China Diesel Generator Update

Just got some Exhaust gasket material today as well, I may forgo the muffler burning for now and just get it together

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Curtis DC Speed Control - Epic Meltdown
The Things you See as a Service Tech at a pool company :D The relay probably had a meltdown and set off the chain reaction of carbon tracing and arcing back to the battery terminals. good thing it has a metal case and was mounted hard against a UHMWPE block. the winch drum would have been turning too, so they opened the top and smashed the fwd/rev toggle switch. it probably did not do anything tho.

Nigata Diesel Derpy Start with Jaytheozzi
gotta love it when your not getting fuel up because the fuel shutoff is engaged :p I got the starter from much cheaper than in Australia.

Nigata Diesel Genset Test Run - Not so Silent Box Generator
Noise Warning - After Startup things get a little loud :D

Nigata NGT5 Diesel Generator cold start cranking - First Run
Starter is still messed up despite machining new bushings for it and cleaning it up spotless. but it runs. next comes load testing. that shall be interesting :D