Nigata China Diesel Generator Update

Just got some Exhaust gasket material today as well, I may forgo the muffler burning for now and just get it together

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Nigata Diesel Derpy Start with Jaytheozzi
gotta love it when your not getting fuel up because the fuel shutoff is engaged :p I got the starter from much cheaper than in Australia.

Nigata Diesel Genset Test Run - Not so Silent Box Generator
Noise Warning - After Startup things get a little loud :D

15K Diesel Generator uncrating and startup
A 15k diesel genset from affordable generators being opened and started for the first time.

3 Phase VFD Start of Chinese Diesel Engine plus Exhaust Flames
One of the more unusual ways to start a diesel on Soy bean oil / diesel mix Thanks to "Bigmaxtube" for donating the VFD! The loud ticking at low RPM is piston slap, its not terminal but just a nuisance,