BMW CSL M3 1025BHP(765KW) RGM SUPERCHARGED 1025 bhp(765KW) engine 672 bhp (502kw) wheels 3.4 lt stroker RGM Vortech v7 ysi Supercharger Boost 1.5 bar Fuel 95 pump gas low output 95 pump gas + TORCO high output 1025 bhp RGM 1650 cfm liquid charged cooled Duel fuel rails 12 injectors Duel RGM/Excell dump valves RGM high volume fuel system includes 4.5lt surge tank Engine management UNICHIP Q by the MASTER RGM race spec flywheel duel clutch RGM spec 3 propshaft RGM side shafts

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1775 Bhp RGM Powered BMW ODI Shakedown
ODI TOP END RUN BMW CAR CLUB & RGMOTORSPORT SATURDAY 8TH OCTOBER 2011 The day started off for the RGM team at 5.30am at our premises in Randburg. By 6.30 we were on our way to ODI, excited at the prospect of a great day of shake downs. Apart from a garage stop and Rob being stopped by the Pretoria Metro, not once but twice, we arrived at ODI ready for what would turn out to be a great day of racing, sun, wind and some awesome times set in our BMW's as well those of our clients. The days event was 1km and 400m runs , and some of the competitors only did part of the event , one or the other, which theoretically should not of qualify them for the full day event. Be that as it may, RGM will ensure that the next event we sponsor, everyone is well aware and it is very clear that you need to take part in both sections of the event, and in this case would need to do at least a minimum of two 1km runs and two 400m runs. If you have a look at the official results on the BMW Car Club website or you were there you will notice that most of the cars that set up fantastic top speeds for the day did not take part in the 400m, some due to engine failure and being removed from the circuit on a trailer and others not built to shape on the 400m.RGM alongside with all the competitors that did both the 1km and the 400m ideally know where you guys came for the day. We did manage to salvage overall quickest 400m for the day, out of a total of 63 entries, in the RGM 1000bhp Supercharged BMW CSL on totally street legal Michelin Pilot sport cup tyres in a time of 12.381 and speed of 204km/h. Can't wait to put some drag tyres on this car and set up some awesome 400m speed and times. My brother Steven, in our BMW GTRS 3S "The Thing", and I did our first ever 400m heads up together, this was great fun and he has now challenged me to race him on a circuit, the time and place to be decided. A BIG well done to "Batman" in his RGM Supercharged E90 M3 who also took home a trophy on the day.

Secrets Behind The HPF 1000 RWHP Daily Driven BMW M3 Race Engines Part One
Secrets Behind The HPF 1000 RWHP Daily Driven BMW M3 Race Engines Part One Music By: Winkz

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BMW M3 E46 HPF Stage 4 1080p HD
1000+ HP Engine. turbo.