Mazda 3 with borla cat-back and race pipe

The title says it all. This clip was taken on my digit photo camra. It only lets me take 29sec worth of video and the video is crappy so please let me get a better quaility film before you judge my Exhaust

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HKS Hi-powered catback exhaust - mazda 3
2004 mazda 3 sedan with HKS hi-powered catback Exhaust, has video of startup, rev, and driving

Magnaflow on 2006 Mazda 3 s
Just installed new magnaflow Exhaust on my mazda 3, also have AEM CAI

Mazda 3 with Magnaflow
Kick ass car. I'm jealous. =)

Mazda 3 w/MagnaFlow exhaust
Magnaflow Exhaust, highflow converter, and Borla Tip. (i didnt like the tip that came with it)