Top 100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time Part 1 (100-51) (Video Samples)

The 100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time. This is my opinion.

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Top 100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time Part 2 (50-1) (Video Samples)
The 100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time Part 2 (50-1). This is my opinion.

The Best Guitarist in The World

Top 100 Best Bass Performances of all time
This is a reedition of my old video "Top 50 Best Bass performances of all time" which is a bit old an I think it needed to be remade... Hope you like it!

The Two Best Guitarists EVER!!
Two best guitar players EVER!! Finally, Larry Carlton and Robben Ford together jamming!! TONE, TASTE, and STYLE... CRAZY Stuff!! TONE, TONE, TONE!!! I know the whole best guitarists thing is a matter of opinion... but how else was i supposed to get you to watch the vid?? These guys are what you call "Musicians' Musicians." 90% of the well known, professioal guitarists will point to one of these guys as being the best there is.. Look it up there is no BS here... Also the band backing these guys up is incredibly talented.. The drummer is just wicked good!! Oh and the bass player is Larry's son... Also, I posted another vid of them jamming a more upbeat rock tune, pretty damn good song too!! IF YOU ARE GOING TO POST A COMMENT SAYING SOMETHING ABOUT HOW THEY ARE NOT THE TWO BEST, DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE YOU DO!! IF YOU STILL THINK THEY ARE NOT, THEN WRITE A REASONABLE, RESPECTFULL, AND INTELLECTUAL ARGUEMENT OF WHY YOU THINK SO.... I'm just tired of seeing idiots who know nothing, post a comment saying stupid and ignorant things about these two guys... ( Like.. HERMAN LEE is the best, way better than these guys!!) and if you are one of those idiots, have no doubt that I will remove your comment with a quickness.. Sorry I just hate ignorant, naive, idiots, showing disrespect for these two guys... ANYWAYZ I HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!! PEACE!!!