'72 lemans at work

I brought my car up to work and had a bit of fun.

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1972 Pontiac Lemans 455 2
Update 2 of my Lemans build.

gy6 ebay big bore 80cc kit
my moped with the 80cc typhoon big bore kit, it was cold as all hell and so was the moped. keep in mind i weigh about 230lbs. not too bad on a stock tranny either. btw i got it off of ebay.

For Sale (part 1) - My 1972 Pontiac Lemans GT (GTO Clone) VIN: 2D37N2A209806
For more pics click here: http://s32.photobucket.com/user/phillabong/72%20Pontiac%20Lemans%20GT/story Contact me at jplister1962@gmail.com to discuss price or to make me an offer. I also want to state up front that I have all of the parts/pieces to restore this car back to a matching numbers Lemans GT, of which there were fewer made than GTOs during 1972. Those separate parts/pieces are intended to be a part of this sale. Contact me at jplister1962 at gmail dot com if you want to discuss this matter in more detail. So this car was a LeMans GT from the factory and now it’s a GTO clone. The reason I did this was because the car came from the factory with the GTO Endura front end, hood and fenders. Also, the previous owner found and installed a GTO dash (which is really just the addition of that prism tape that Pontiac was fond of during the 70s). Then I found out that the original LeMans GT decals (made by 3M) are so much more expensive than the stock GTO decals. I figured that if the next owner wants to restore it back to original GT look, they can easily do that by changing back to the GT decals and Pontiac grill emblem, etc. I purchased this rust-free ’72 Pontiac LeMans GT about 7 years ago from my brother-in-law’s best friend, who bought it from the original owner back in ’75. Even though it has always been garage kept, it was in serious disrepair when I got it and it took a couple of years to get it back on the road. It had a 350, which I still have and intend to give to the next owner. However, a neighbor of mine has a ’70 Pontiac Trans Am that came with a 400 which he had rebuilt with a mild cam and aluminum intake. He decided to build up a crate 454 for his TA and I bought the 400 for $2500 and dropped it in my Pontiac. There are about 2000 miles on the 400 since it was rebuilt. When we installed the 400 we opted to take out the air conditioning, which was in good working order. I think I still have all of the original air conditioning parts that will be provided with the car. After being on the road as a weekend-driver for about a year, my son rear-ended someone and damaged the original Ram Air hood and Endura nose cone/bumper. I drove it to my buddy's shop and piddled with it from time to time until I found a good hood/bumper to repair the car. In addition to restoring the original sheet metal and painting it back to original factory spec, I ended up replacing the carpet and floor mats, all door rubber, recovering the door panel and front/rear seats and installing a dash cap. Only the head liner and rear package tray are original. And as you can tell from some of the interior pics, they aren’t in terrible shape but could still stand to be replaced at some point. I also replaced all of the hood and trunk rubber. Everything is nice and tight and the doors, hood and trunk have a nice solid feel when they open/shut. I also installed new Exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers, an MSD electronic ignition system and a Summit vacuum canister, Summit competition starter and a Summit 600cfm carburetor. And before you ask, this car does not have any of the smog control that may be required for places like California. It drives and brakes straight and true. The transmission and power steering function as they should and have a nice solid feel and are in good working order. Other than being slightly cold-natured, the car runs really well. I drive the car for about 20-30 minutes at a time around my neighborhood every few days. There is only a very slight oil leak oil and there is a slight coolant leak that occurs when the engine is up to operating temperature. As I mentioned above, my Pontiac was painted about a year ago. I used the original GM Covert Tan 50, which is a Pontiac/Buick/Olds/Chevy spec color from '69-'74, that went by different names depending upon which year/make. For my '72 it was called "Brittany Beige," which is listed on the original window sticker that came with the car. I have plenty of that paint left over for touch-ups and whatnot. After it was painted I put it in storage in my shop and it never left my neighborhood for the past year while I did interior and touch-up work. Then I had it clear-coated with five coats about two months ago. Since it hasn't been wet-sanded and buffed out yet, i'd rate the paint a 7.5/10. However, with some touch-up work and attention to detail it could be 9/10. As for the damaged sheet metal that I've had to address, both front fenders were just slightly tweaked when my son rear-ended another driver. But we were able to straighten them with no problems. But the front nose cone, front valance and hood were in much worse condition. I opted to replace them instead of trying to fix them with a lot of bondo. That's why it took me so long to get it back together after my son wrecked it. I went through several hoods/nose cones until I found some that were straight enough that they wouldn't require a lot of filler.

71 Pontiac Lemans Breaks Ring and Pinion at Osceola Dragway
Krusty, the 71 Pontiac Lemans, piloted by driver Mole, doing a little testing. The ring and pinion gear did not like it.