Police Undercover: Phony Arrest Under Pretense of Law to Incite Violence #1

Totally unprovoked arrest by a so call public servant, Don't ever address a cop even if he is the one that call you. This cop was looking for an excuse to show off his power. Total nut-case, would fit well in the G 20 police gang. The "homosexual Nazi" Paul Zarafonitis title is well deserve too. After the 1934 Nazi Party purge of Ernst Rohm and his coterie of working class homosexual supporters, gay Nazis like Reinhard Heydrich and Baldur von Schirach who originated from the German elite were permitted to hold high office and operate more or less in the open. This video was taken with a pen camera, the cop had no idea it was being recorded, This was a total set-up of the police and the so call new friend which turned out to be a CI , criminal Indict, He was in charge of collecting information on my friend and I and try to get us into a situation where we could be arrested. The cop turn his back on us in the hope that we would attack him I presume, he also attempted to charge me with obstruction of Justice, a blanket charge trow at you at the slightest resistance. The "new Friend Aka the guy arrested " tried to justify himself for talking to the cop by saying he had numerous problems with police in the past. He didn't know himself that I was videotaping the encounter and this was the first thing he ask me after being "release" from the police, What did I used to record the event? Obviously this was not the way they had plan this thing to develop. 0:21 He call his "lawyer" by name: Keith, Yet in the evening the "lawyer" called me and told me it was the secretary who answered the call....!!!!! 0:57 I object to the cop power trip 1:17 The CI talk about it's pay check, apparently this is all he could find to get the situation more tense 1:35 The cop say he is calling his supervisor, yet he will not wait for the supervisor to arrest the guy under a bunk pretext of failing to identify himself. No crime was committed and no search were going on at the time. 2:00 The CI call his lawyer which he has on speed dial, Cop usually will not give you the chance to call your lawyer before arresting you 2:12 Cop come up with the accusation of soliciting a ride. He had first talked about "solicitation" (before the camera rolling) without precising the type of solicitation! 2:20 I interjected to his accusation as the cop is the one that accosted us to engage in a conversation, only the CI guy engaged in it, my other friend and I kept walking and then came back on our track when we saw the cop engaging our new friend. 2:25 This is when I first suspect some hanky panky stuff. 3:58 The CI does not resist arrest even though the charge is bunk, he is not provided with a declaration of his rights of any kind. 4:08 Cop ignore request for identification via a business card. 4:24 Cop attempt to implicate me into the arrest. 4:30 This is when the now famous "Homosexual Nazi" come up 4:35 The cop deny being homosexual!!! 4:40 A woman decide to encourage the cop in his kidnapping activity, 5:10 This was such a new "friend" that I did not knew his name or I had forgotten it. 5:14 My friend who is not familiar with the city ask for the place most likely where they would incarcerate him. Obviously at the time we did not know that the friend was a CI. 6:42 Admire this trash woman supporting false arrest and other fake police work. Video taped in Niagara Falls, On. St. Lawrence St. This cop has just been implicated in a police brutality affairs over the week end, His name; ZARAFONITIS, PAUL BADGE #9998 The people in this video is me and my friend, the cop the CI and the woman are in a public place, no consent on their part is required.

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