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Toyota MR2 AW11 4AGZE + SC14 Supercharger + 6-Speed
This is a video of my 1987 Toyota MR2 AW11 with a fully rebuilt 4AGZE motor, SC14 Supercharger and C60 6-speed gear box. Many mods have been done to the car including 164mm crank pulley to spin the SC14 faster, custom W2A Intercooler, KAZZ LSD, brand new Koni's, sway bars and a whole lot more. Oh I should not forget the bloody nice Recaro seats. :P For those wondering what the pipework is coming off the Intercooler it's a custom air bypass valve system for the Supercharger also know as an ABV, it's been made up from an external turbo wastegate. When the car is in vac the valve on the wastegate will open allowing air to bypass the Supercharger through the thin pipe you can see on the left which pulls air from just under the throttle body and flows directly into the intake manifold, when the Supercharger kicks in the valve in the wastegate will slam shut allowing the SC14 to pull air through it to compress and then passes through the Intercooler and into the intake. If anyone wants more info on this bypass setup just leave a message. Also full build info along the way can be found in my ride thread on Toymods, below is a link to my thread, note you will need to sign up to be able to view it. http://www.toymods.org.au/forums/showthread.php?61141-Daves-AW11-MR2-6-Spee d-SC14

4AGE KE70 QTB Quad throttle boddies
My 4AGE KE70 running 20v Quads with standard computer

Twincharged Toyota Corolla 4A-GZE Holset
http://turbobyHOLSET.com Testing the corolla in highway. Top speed in this session... 255km/h Engine:1600cc Toyota 4A-GZE with Rotrex Supercharger and Holset HX40 turbo. Hestec fuel injection. Supra transmission.(W58) Hilux transaxle. 1/4mile E.T: 11.03sec/208.5km/h Hoosier dot 225/50/16

Toyota Corolla ae82 turbo
4agze turbo.the ride is with 1.3 pressure. 0,5bar 207 HK 1,4bar 335 HK 2,0bar ???

4AGE 20V & 4AGZE Supercharged Dyno Shootout
This video is a compilation of 4AGE 20V and 4AGZE during a Dyno shootout on Dyno Dynamics machine. All three of the 20Vs that were on the video made between 137-155whp max. The GZE was having some issues with the rev limiter but still managed to pump out about 150whp at 6000rpm.

ドリフト AE86:UEO KATSUHIRO with Hathigo kai Hathiroku
Charisma Drifter Ueo Katsuhiro AE86 TOYOTA SPRINTER TRUENO 〆ひと言;もぉぉ~~蹴るッケるッ! これですね ! by BakatinDrift & TwinturboRS

sr20de na ae86 exhaust
new megan Exhaust

4agze 11psi sc14 ae86
4AGZE 11PSI SC14, stock pulley, 100kw manifold, AE86

4agze Toyota Corolla KE35
Starting up a 4agze equipped with an sc14 Supercharger for the first time.

4agze ae86 drifting: Unfriendly Garage coupe
Setup: JDM map 4agze swap by Unfriendly Garage sc12 with nst pulley kit and front mount Intercooler. OBX header factory cat buddy club spec II under diff Exhaust Koyo radiator w/ dual electric fans Autopower bolt in 8 point roll cage T50 trans XTD stage 3 clutch Factory LSD T3 lateral rod cusco rear sway bar T3 camber plates Battle Version NCRCA's swift springs 8k front 7k rear kyb agx shocks/struts zenki power steering rack with pump removed 5mm steering rack spacers p/s knuckles yokahama advan a032r's up front -3 degrees camber 0 toe caster maxed out on factory tension rods Shine Auto Project type II body kit with JDM brackets JDM kouki bumper lights JDM kouki taillights Louvers JDM trueno steering wheel JDM guage cluster drift speedrift 13 @ Autocity Speedway in Clio Michigan. DMVM

Forced Induction - Supercharger vs. Turbo Charger
This video was made to describe in moderate detail the differences between Superchargers and turbo Chargers, as well as describing the components, advantages, and disadvantages to each. Complementing the speaking track is a slideshow of related pictures and videos. I hope this video helps some of you curious up and coming mechanics to better understand methods of forced induction. Please comment maturely, and enjoy!

4g63t vs 4agze
4g63t vs 4agze miri mini drag race

Corolla SX Supercharged @ Eastern Creek

Fritz 3sgte ke70
3sgte powered 1980 ke70 DX corolla doing 3rd gear burnout

AE86 4AGZE Successful start up
The AE86 4AGZE finally fires up Please see http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3127959 for full build details.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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shawn wales, Engine: 5.4 dohc, Supercharger: kenne bell 2.2 Tires: 305-35-22

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