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4AGZE with No Boost
There's an issue with my 4AGZE not pushing out Boost. I suspect that it's an ECU issue. I have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, and map sensor while diagnosing this problem. Manually triggering the Supercharger's clutch shows positive pressure but at around 7psi there's a hint of knock and the ECU sends a fuel cut signal as indicated from a decrease in fuel pressure. ECU: 89661-12611 (AE92 MAP/DLI) Fuel Pump: Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump FPR: Tomei

4agze stock vs turbo
Video test 0-100, spd synchronized by key-frame

Unique 4agze supercharged build
AE101 corolla with 4agze supercharged mod. Boost only 0.45 bar ... but listen to that engine! :)

4agze turbo megasquirt