Insane Killer Clown Custom GSXR Motorcycle Paint Job オートバイ

Do you like clowns? If so, this Suzuki GSXR is your motorcycle. It's a really great paint job, featuring dangerous insane killer clowns and beautiful women. The bike was customized and painted by Sesto Custom Cycles. I've never heard of them, but they did an awesome job on this custom GSXR. オートバイ

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How To Install An LED Brake Light On A Motorcycle
Here's how to install an LED brake light bulb on a motorcycle. See all my motorcycles at The taillight on my Buell Cyclone stopped working, so I decided to replace the bulb with an LED brake light bulb, # 1157. The Buell only has one tail light bulb, so if it burns out, I'm invisible from behind in the dark. I decided to replace the incandescent bulb with an LED bulb because LED light bulbs are much more shock resistant and less likely to malfunction. They're affordable now too. I paid $16.99 for a set of two at an auto parts store. They used to be really expensive. In this video I also show how my Harley Davidson FXR was converted so that the rear turn signals are also running lights. This is a worthwhile conversion, as it makes the motorcycle much more visible at night, and you are still visible if one or 2 other bulbs burn out. To do it, you need to wire up the back turn signals with 1157 bulbs. You can do this by installing front turn signals on the back. The front turn signals are also running lights. I'm not sure if it is officially legal to have your rear turn signals converted to running lights, but I've never had a problem. Safer is better.

Michael Jackson Motorcycle Suzuki GSXR750
This is the only Michael Jackson motorcycle I've ever seen, and I can't say that I'd ever want someone to paint pictures of Michael Jackson on my motorcycle, but Eye Candy Designs did a good custom job on this Suzuki GSXR750. When you sit on the bike and look down, you can see Michael Jackson's head between your legs. Again, not something I'm into, but if that's your thing, this is the bike for you. You can hear the builder talking to me during the video. He describes the single-sided swingarm on the bike. It's a neat design, and you can bolt it on without any other major work, and it holds a 240 rear tire. You will need a longer chain. I always have fun at the Motorcycle Show because there are so many different brands and styles of custom bikes. Maybe next year there will be a whole bunch of Michael Jackson motorcycles on display.

Kawasaki Ninja Standing Burnout - Team No Limits Jason Britton Motorcycle Stunt
Jason Britton of Team No Limits shows off his great balance, doing a burnout on his Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle while standing on the gas tank with one hand on the bars. I might attempt a standing burnout if I could find myself a source of free motorcycle tires. It's amazing that he can do this stunt without falling over. Team No Limits always puts on a great show.

Harley-Davidson Color Shop Custom Paint - Mayhem Style
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company has some grat new Color Shop Custom Paint designs for their motorcycles. This is a bagger with Harley-Davidson Color Shop's Mayhem design, featuring lots of skulls and zombies and scary things beautifully painted and clear coated. This Harley-Davidson Color Shop custom paint job looks amazing in person, and I hope this video shows what a great job they did. The design is called Mayhem. Harley-Davidson has always been very serious about the paint jobs on their bikes, even the basic models, and it shows. A Harley-Davidson Color Shop custom paint job isn't cheap, but it is very impressive.