900hp Club Sled Puller

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Premier Performance "Six Pack" Rat Rod - 1000HP 12 Valve Cummins
http://www.industrialinjection.com Premier Performance - "Six Pack" Rat Rod First Run. Industrial Injection: • 12 Valve Race Engine • 13mm 1100cc P7100 Dragon Flow Pump • 5 x .028 Dual Feed Injectors https://pppwd.com/

1136hp Dodge Cummins
this truck is running our Racing compound turbochargers, our twin 85% over CP3's, our 75LPM injectors, and our Custom Built racing engine.

Dude WTF happened?
uprighting a sideways 740 with a 345D L he was lucky to be able to keep the tractor on the road theres about a 4 ft verticle drop and then 3:1 the rest of the way down

how to steal a corvette in 10 seconds
eazy way to steal ya'll corvettes