Audi Sport Quattro

A demonstration run on the Lombard Revival Rally, Sunday 9th November on the last Selectif of the event at The Great Yorkshire Showground Harrogate North Yorkshire. Driven by John Hanlon and James Jones.

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Rally Cars - Audi S1
Audi S1 Quattro

...From Harrogate it started
Digitally re-mastered for the first time. From Harrogate it Started is a unique view of the 1971 RAC Rally, where teams encountered some of the most extreme weather conditions the Rally had seen in years. The weather provided a stunning backdrop to the dramatic action, which features rollovers, breakdowns and even one unlucky team who end up in a lake. The story is told using cameras inside the cars and trackside, and from audio radio bulletins with classic music from the era. Helicopter cameras follow the cars on long, fast straights and there is plenty of footage of handbrake turns on the slippery corners. This film features the very best drivers of the time including Roger Clark, Timo Makkinen and Hanu Mikkola. Victory eventually went to a youthful looking Stig Blomqvist whose Saab was totally suited to the challenging conditions.