Dodge Army Truck First Run WWII 1940

First start and run of Dodge VF-402 1.5 ton Army dump truck; hasn't run in probably 15-20 years (judging by condition of cloth-covered spark plug wires). New battery and tune-up, oil changed. No ether. Ran good but couldn't drive due to gas pedal broken. No, I didn't get it running before shooting the vid!

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Old Start Freightliner Cummins Turbo Diesel Dumptruck Sat 4 Years
So heres the video everyone wanted to see. So last time a year ago why it didn't start is the battery for the injection pump was dead so we got the battery from the brown ford in there started like a champ runs great. Just needs some things here and there from sitting But I knew it would start its a cummins Diesel!! it should! Follow me on twitter Follow me on Vidme

1946 DODGE T 110 - WF 40 truck
Somebody has been restoring this old Dodge truck from 1946 , new bed and woodwork.

1948 Kenworth - Richfield Bus Company
1948 Kenworth XW-1. The very last highway coach produced by Kenworth. Sold new to NW Greyhound Lines (formally- North Coast Lines). Hall-Scott 190 Engine, Spicer 4 speed Transmission, Torsion Suspension. This coach was sold by Greyhound to a private party in 1955 and was retrieved from the woods after 40 years of non use and is the only one known left in existence. Added to our collection for future restoration.

Model T Ford Starts after 60+ years
1921 T Starts for the first time. The gas tank I had sitting in the floor was not working well until I put my right foot under it.