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93 Honda Accord on DUBS!
93 honda accord on dubs , dubs , 93 accord coupe

1992 Honda Accord Driveshaft CV Axle Replacement
Some of the steps taken to replace a driveshaft and axle seal on a 1992 Honda Accord. This isn't a step by step procedure, but the video shows most of the steps involved to do this job. Refer to the service manual for all of the steps, and follow all proper safety precautions! There was a lot of wind noise when I filmed this, so I added music to the video. Mute the sound if you don't like the music. Music by Opeth "Master's Apprentices"

h22 Gabe's cb7
This Video is intended for the cb guys @ CB7tuner.com. This my Daily Driver H22a,LSD 5sd Akimoto intake bisimoto heat shield port and polished intake manifold obx wires Function and Form Type 1's coilovers TRUST SP1 (stamped ) 2.5 no catalytic converter Accord Wagon Caliper LX drum brakes converted to EX Disc brakes JDM 92-93 bumper JDM One Piece with chrome trim US Fogs CD front Lip,Rear Lip cd 5 visor Ex spoiler

2016 Honda( Spirior )Accord Euro Official !!
Honda spirior in China Honda Accord in Europe