1964 Vw Bug "PrEcIoUs"

Here is an introductory vid to my new project car. A 1964 vw bug with 84k og miles. had been stored in a barn for the last 10 years. Haven't done much to her besides a major tune up, brakes, new master cylinder and lowering the front and rear. I still need to get off my @$$ and get the drop spindles installed up front

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1951 Deluxe Sunroof Beetle (October 2013)
Just the annual installment of my car. Minor changes here and there. Body and doors are OG paint. 4 inch adjustable beam, dropped spindles, CB Performance Disc Brakes all around, Adjustable/Notched Spring plates, South African Sprint Stars (AKA Rostyles). Car has 2110cc Motor - 76x94, straight cut cam gears, A-1 Sidewinder, 44 IDF Webers, Berg oil breather and linkage...ETC!! Lastly, the car belongs to the Der Luftkuhlers (DLK Austin Chapter) VW Club.

67 VW Beetle Headliner Installation # 4
I will have number five ready in a couple of days, but since you asked here is number four. Thanks for all the great questions I almost did not post because these videos were kinda boring. Thanks and I will get working on the next one.

My '64 VW Beetle running
My 1964 VW Beetle

1964 VW Beetle for sale 64 Volkswagen Bug Sea Blue Walk Around
My Bug for sale in Southern California