From the movie cars. "We've got ourselves a nodder!"

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DJ, Wingo, Boost, Snot
The cute street gangsters of animation 'Cars'

Delinquent Road Hazards - Im Back
Sup guys im back now, ben away for a long time,had stuff in school to do and dint have time with DRH, and just forgot about it. But im back now and hope u like the vid ;) Song: Flying High

Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 Ep.14 - Stormshocker
Battle Force 5 must defend Zeke's Diner and...Stanford's brother!?...from the Sark when a part of Handler's Corners gets teleported into a Battle Zone. I don't own anything, other than the Youtube account.

Pixar Cars Gangsters (Roll'in in the rearview)
DJ, Boost , Snot Rod , and Wingo Gangsters of the freeway