Chrysler Instrument Cluster Repair

How I repaired my instrument panel myself and saved $800. It has been really fun helping others with this tutorial. Good luck. Please comment if it helped you and share your story. Disclaimer: I am an IT guy, not an auto mechanic. Seek professional help if this seems too tricky for you. Also, others have reported possible additional issues like a bad BCM that may continue to fail even after its replaced. To replace instrument cluster light bulbs, watch this next.

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Quick Tip: Signs of a blown IOD Fuse on a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Fiat, or Ram product
Find this video useful? Please consider donating to the channel's GoFundMe or PayPal accounts: GoFundMe: PayPal: UPDATE: So it's been brought to my attention that some Chryslers have the NO FUSE message (yeah like 200s and PT Cruisers) where the odometer should be. If this is the case, your IOD fuse is definitely your bogey and should be investigated/replaced. Thank you. So as I was in the middle of installing my radio, a whole bunch of electrical oddities happened to me. Turns out I shorted something to ground on accident. As a result I popped the IOD (Ignition Off-Draw) Fuse, because I failed to remove the negative battery cable. Basically this is one of the fuses that goes to the BCM (Body Control Module) on a Chrysler product, and when this fuse blows a bunch of funkiness can happen, including but not limited to: * Lights not turning on when they should (or coming on when they SHOULDN'T), limited on/off switching, other general funkiness * Key Fob TOTALLY inoperable * Door locks DON'T WORK unless you have the engine started * Vehicle won't start * Radio oddities * HVAC controls aren't working * Power sliding doors won't function * Rear hatch doesn't open unless you hold the key in and push the button to open it (normally you should turn the key then push the button) * Instrument Panel acting all goofy and warning lights/gauge neutral positions don't turn off for at least a minute upon shutdown ***BEFORE WE FAULT THE BCM PLEASE START HERE, THEN LOOK AT ANY OTHER BCM RELATED FUSES/WIRING/SENSORS/CONNECTIONS. THANK YOU.*** -- Chrysler Minivan Fan Club Forums -- Chrysler & Dodge Minivan Owners Group on Facebook

El vídeo muestra como sacar el código del Check engine en el tablero de una Voyager 97. 1.- Pon la llave en el contacto y gira hasta la primera posición. 2.- Espera dos segundos y gira la llave hasta la segunda posición y vuelve 6 veces . Cada vez que la gires se oirá un pitido. La última vez no vuelvas la llave para atrás 3.- Empezara a parpadear el check: Los códigos están en números de dos dígitos. 1 parpadeos espacio corto 2 parpadeos = cod.12 espacio largo 3 parpadeos espacio corto 1 parpadeo= cod. 31 espacio largo 2 parpadeos espacio corto 1 parpadeo= cod. 21 espacio largo 5 parpadeos espacio corto 5 parpadeos= cod. 55 en mi voyager salieron los cod. 12 - 31 - 55. el cod. 55 refiere a el fin de la revisión. VISITEN Y UNANSE A:

1998 Chrysler Town & Country Instrument Cluster Test Sequence
Don't pay over $100 for a mechanic to tell you what check engine means. Press and hold the trip and reset button, turn key until you hear the beeping (run position), continue to hold the buttons for 5 seconds and "code" will appear on the odometer. Let go and watch the light show. Note any diagnostic codes. Once it's done, remove the key. Some autoparts stores (like mine - AdvancedAuto) allow u to borrow their car diagnostic computer (ODB2 OBDII) that can read codes and reset them free. Also a shout-out to that site has lots of useful info on T&C's and other chrysler minivans.