Chrysler Instrument Cluster Repair

How I repaired my instrument panel myself and saved $800. It has been really fun helping others with this tutorial. Good luck. Please comment if it helped you and share your story. Disclaimer: I am an IT guy, not an auto mechanic. Seek professional help if this seems too tricky for you. Also, others have reported possible additional issues like a bad BCM that may continue to fail even after its replaced. To replace instrument cluster light bulbs, watch this next.

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95-99 Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler Neon Instrument Cluster Repair
Solder repair for 95-99 neon clusters. This fixes the jumping needles, non working needles, warning lamps that come on and off, etc. All technical info found on and Music by: Shuutobi *Attempt this repair at your own risk. I assume no responsibility for any damage to your cluster, vehicle, or any bodily injury that comes from performing this repair.*

Chrysler Gauge problems

How Instrument Clusters Work & What to do When Gauges Go Bad.
MotorWeek's Pat Goss ( is a MotorWeek Sponsor) demonstrates how modern instrument clusters work and explains what can make gauges go bad. He shows replacement instrument clusters by Dorman (found under "Body-Interior" at that are relatively inexpensive and often better made than the original gauge cluster.

How to fix your Dodge Chrysler mini van when it starts and then dies No instrument display
Get an AWESOME soldering station from Amazon → e=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B000VINMRO&linkCode=as2&tag=htt pwwwyou00f-20 How to fix your Town and Country mini van when it starts and then dies. None of the lower dash lights are coming on and the odometer and prndl don't light up. Here's how to fix it with a soldering iron!