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Chrysler Instrument Cluster Repair

How I repaired my instrument panel myself and saved $800. It has been really fun helping others with this tutorial. Good luck. Please comment if it helped you and share your story. Disclaimer: I am an IT guy, not an auto mechanic. Seek professional help if this seems too tricky for you. Also, others have reported possible additional issues like a bad BCM that may continue to fail even after its replaced. To replace instrument cluster light bulbs, watch this next. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TpLQKOfnWs


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95-99 Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler Neon Instrument Cluster Repair
Solder repair for 95-99 neon clusters. This fixes the jumping needles, non working needles, warning lamps that come on and off, etc. All technical info found on neons.org and 1gn.org. Music by: Shuutobi *Attempt this repair at your own risk. I assume no responsibility for any damage to your cluster, vehicle, or any bodily injury that comes from performing this repair.*

Repair instrument cluster 1999 dodge caravan
This quick video shows you how to repair the instrument cluster of a dodge caravan. This resolves the "slap dash" repair issue. Get all your gauges working again. sponsored by msctime.com

How Instrument Clusters Work & What to do When Gauges Go Bad.
MotorWeek's Pat Goss (RockAuto.com is a MotorWeek Sponsor) demonstrates how modern instrument clusters work and explains what can make gauges go bad. He shows replacement instrument clusters by Dorman (found under "Body-Interior" at RockAuto.com) that are relatively inexpensive and often better made than the original gauge cluster.

Instrument Panel Cluster Malfunction
As you can see my 2004 GMC truck speedometer has malfunction. The dealer said it will cost between $400 and $600 dollars to replace. I look on the internet and found a special bulletin from GMC. I called GMC and they said it will only cost $120 for the labor to replace. The special bulletin will cover the part cost. I hope this can help you. Go to http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=70134

Grand Caravan transmition & dash fail '98
the dash and tranny fail when slowing down... and turns on when i stop... speed sensors in/out both NEW..! what else...

Dodge Chrysler minivan instrument cluster calibration
How to calibrate the instrument cluster in a dodge caravan and Chrysler town and country This car is a white 2003 dodge grand caravan ES with a 3.8L V6 PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!

Replacing Light Bulbs on Chrysler Instrument Panel
Shows how to replace light bulbs on a digital instrument cluster found in a 1999 Chrysler Town and Country minivan. Similar to most instrument clusters.

Funny Minivan Burnout
What vans are good for.

Chrysler/Dodge HVAC Control Module Calibration - Fix your flashing a/c lights!
If you're recently replaced or unhooked your battery on your 3rd generation(1996-2000) Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth Minivan and the lights on your a/c and rear washer controls are flashing that means the HVAC Control Module is out of calibration. Follow this easy procedure to re-calibrate it and tada, no more flashing lights. Any questions feel free to comment or message me.

Dodge Caravan 3.3L 3.8L water pump replacement.mp4
This is a 2007 with only 67,000km on it.

The power sliding door stops halfway when opening or wouldn't open at all. In my case, this was due to a broken wire(cable?). After locating the broken wire, I was able to joint it , making the door work again. This whole problem could be caused by the many openings and closings of the door. The wire harness that powers the door is housed by a chain. This chain is moved by the door every time the door moves. When the door opens, it straightens the chain with the wire harness in it. When the door closes, it bends the chain with the wire harness in it and the cycle repeats over and over when you open and close the door.

Instrument cluster mileage correction * speedometer copy or clone * How to Change Mileage
http://karmanauto.com/product-category/cluster-mileage-correction http://www.vehix411.com Copy speedometer clone security program in the speedometer dash programming instrument cluster replaced car don't start change mileage

2005 Chrysler Town & Country Dash Guages & Lights Erratic-- Day Video
I no longer have this vehicle, thanks to a big hail storm which did more than enough damage for the insurance to total the vehicle. It was a 2005 Chrysler Town & Country, and was doing some really crazy stuff. As you can see in my videos of the dash, the guages & lights were going nuts dropping in & out, while the radio, accessory plugs, dome lights, headlights, etc., flashed off & on.The Brake and ABS lights would come on and off too while this was happening. At first, I thought it was just happening at idle, and also while cruising along nice and easy, but I found, that I could sometimes get it to do it by popping the accelerator a little bit, and that would set it off a lot of times. 'I had the battery checked,and even replaced, and two alternator tests done at a couple of parts stores, but nothing ever showed a problem. But then again, it didn't act up while they were doing the tests either. In my searches for the problem, I kept coming up with different things that might be the cause of the problem. I saw stories of others with the same problems, taking theirs in for repair, having computers, wiring harness', and other things replaced, spending lots of money, and still the problem has not been found, so I kept dealing with it, pulling over when it would do these things, to shake around on wiring harnesses, peck on battery terminals and cables, smack the dash and anything else I could think of to do to see if anything changed. I had cleaned battery cables, replaced cable ends at the battery, even replaced the battery on a couple of occasions to try to find the problem. I had begun to find one thing that would stop the problem for sometimes two or three days, and then it would start again. Down around the battery, there was a pretty large harness of wiring, some small some bigger. It was wrapped in plastic and tape. I'd be driving along and when it would start doing it's tricks, I'd pull over, grab that harness, and shake it around real good. I'd get back in and start off again, and most of the time it would be alright then for a few days. I continued to deal with it, hoping to zero in a little closer on the problem. I actually cut open that harness a little bit to see if I could see anything, but nothing was discovered. Lucky for me, we had a big major hail storm and the insurance company totalled the vehicle, so that ended my problem! I decided to leave this on YouTube since so many others are having this problem, in hopes it will help them find their problem. I never did narrow it down and actually find the problem, but I think I was close in my case. Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of different things that are causing this to happen, so yours may not be the same. Good Luck!

How to change voyager spark plugs
How to change voyager spark plugs and the steps needed to be able to reach the rear plugs. I will show you how to remove the cowl to give more clearence to the rear plugs and also the O2 sensor. heater hose

2001 Chrysler Town and Country Limited (Repo) Start Up, Full Tour, and Reconditioning
One of the recent repos at the dealership, the van is in fairly rough cosmetic shape unfortunately (what else is new with dealing with repos lol) so I have to clean it out and recondition it. I go through the entire vehicle, show the engine sound system and most notably I show the back of the van before and after I go through it! It's quite an eye opener, be sure to check out the reconditioning portion of the video towards the end.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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