Tony DeLorenzo's L88 Corvette around track

DtRockstar1 records a very rare Corvette with an L88 engine, by legendary driver, Tony DeLorenzo. The L88 engine was extremely rare, with a factory rating of about 430 hp, but it was more like 600 horsepower. They wanted to keep this engine very secret, which is why they rated it low. Facebook - Blog -​m/ Twitter:!/DtRockstar1 Razzi:

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Lamborghini Countach, Ferrari 355: 2,000 Subscriber Special!!
THANK YOU TO ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!! This is my 2,000 subscriber special, which features a Lamborghini Countach and a Ferrari 355 tearing it up! Lots of tunnel accelerations, spectacular GoPro footage, and just pure adrenaline! For all of you who have supported my channel, this is my thank you to YOU!! I would also like to thank the friendly owners of the cars and the driver of the camera car for making this spectacular day possible! Facebook - Blog -​m/ Twitter:!/DtRockstar1 Razzi:

800 HP Liberty Walk GTR vs 740 HP Supra
DtRockstar1 records an 800 horsepower Liberty Walk GTR drag racing a 740 horsepower Toyota Supra at the Battle Creek Speedfest, in conjunction with the Battle Creek Field of Flight air show. Check out the Battle Creek Speedfest on Facebook at Check out their website at Facebook - Twitter:!/DtRockstar1 Instagram:

What Makes a Popular Youtube Channel?
DtRockstar1 and Carlyle from Carlyle's Picks and YourFastLIfe! Cars are at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, discussing what makes a Youtube channel popular, as well as asking YOU, the viewer, what makes a Youtube channel successful and popular and gaining subscribers. Don't forget to check out and subscribe to Carlyle's channels!!! Check out and Facebook - Twitter:!/DtRockstar1 Instagram:

Falcon F7 Twin Turbo
DtRockstar1 records the Falcon F7 Twin turbo with 1,000+ horsepower arriving and departing the 2015 Concours d'elegance of America at St. John's. Falcon Motorsports teamed up with Lingenfelter Performance Engineering to create the turbocharged engine. Facebook - Twitter:!/DtRockstar1 Instagram: