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حوادث شباب قطر في سيلين و العديد - حوادث نياسين و جيات

sealine the biggest killer of young people in Qatar Its Located approximately 40 km south of Doha and just outside of the town of Mesaieed . The area around the Sealine Beach Resort in Mesaieed has become a haven for Qatari youngsters keen to test out their driving skills specially for those aged between 10 and 24 years old the youngsters are practically challenging the law with their driving and continue to do so even after the new traffic law, which calls for harsh penalties, was recently announced. However, young Qataris have welcomed the law but said sealine beach is the only place they can do their versions of stunt driving, on four-wheel drive vehicles, quad bikes and motorcycles. These results in the area being packed to the brim on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. A major complaint is that a separate area has not been allotted to these youngsters to allow them to drive as they wish. Police had not too long ago said that such a facility would be opened to allow these youngsters to let out their energy behind the wheel. According to the authorities, speed is the cause of the accidents, And stunt driving is one of the main causes, especially among thrill-seeking youngsters. The government should think of creating designated areas, a race track, where the thrill can be sought. This can then be supervised to avoid any mishaps. people believe campaigns promoting awareness could help. References: www.peninsula.com www.gulf-times.com http://www.lialiq.com www.qatarbike.com www.qatarspeed.com www.mzyon-qatar.com www.al-3ded.com www.arab-zoom.com


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أحلى مناظر وصور لخور العديد - Pictures from Khour Al-Odied
تم إنقاذ جميع السيارات التي في الفيديو بمجهودي . All the cars in the videos have been aided.. with my efforts .

Sealine - Reckless driving in Qatar
Sealine - Reckless driving in Qatar Directed by: Jaser Alagha Awarded for Best Picture at the QMUN Documentary Film Festival 2011 سـيلـين - فلم وثائقي عن السواقة المتهورة في قطر إخراج- جاسر الآغا حصل على جائزة أفضل صورة في مهرجان (QMUN) للأفلام الوثائقية

تطعيس شباب قطر في العديد 2011/12/9
لمشاهدة التغطيه كامله مع الصور على منتدى قطر سبيد Instagram : @Nissan_Speed بالنسبه للتعليقات الخارجه عن الموضوع تحذف .. وبالنسبه للتعليقات المسيئه يحظر صاحبها ( مَا يَلْفِظُ مِن قَوْلٍ إِلا لَدَيْهِ رَقِيبٌ عَتِيدٌ )

حوادث السير - مؤثر جدا
فيديو يمثل بشاعت حوادث السير اللهم اعف عنا وعافينا

انقاذ الجي اكس 2007 في العديد

طريق الفوضى في الصين !! [حوادث] Road Mayhem In China
اخطر تقاطع بالصين ,,

ذكريات موسم التخييم في سيلين 2009/2010

ماشالله جمس يخرج باص TATA من الرمال Amazing GMC WOW !
المكان : سيلين في قطر قرب دوار الشاليهات السيارة جمس اتش دي 2500

حادث غريب جدا في الامارات
حادث غريب جدا في الامارات

Car accidents in Qatar - Raising awareness
A video about car accidents that happen it Qatar, and what causes these accidents. To help stop these deaths that occur daily, is to raise awareness, starting off by convincing people to wear the seat belt.

سيلين 2009

Deadly off road crash in the Qatar dunes
High speed car to car crash in the desert dunes. I don't know if there are any victims or survivors, i hope the guys were not hurt.

حوادث اهل قطر الله يهديهم
حرام تضيعون انفسكم وراكم امهاتكم لاتجعلوها تموت حرقا علي فلذه كبدها ولدها

استعراض مرخوصه عالددسن البطوله الرمضانيه الاولى 2014

حادث العديد في رمضان 2011-8-6
استعراض العديد في رمضان حادث العديد في رمضان 2011-8-6 تطير تطعس ضرب سيدة الديحة القصار الشيراتون العطية المناعي الطعس المشبك حوادث قطر حادث نيسان كام كربيتر

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