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BMW E39 M5 Vs. Audi S4 Drag Race On HHighway


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BMW E39 M5 Pulls
Jailbreak tuned Muffler Delete Suspension Shot with a GoPro Hero3 Black edition @ 1080p 60FPS

HammarStrom BMW E36 M3 Turbo 800 HP 9 Sec 1/4 Mile Drag Race

E60 M5 with FRANIK-PERFORMANCE RACE Exhaust shop www.Franik-Performance.de

BMW E39 M5 vs.BMW E39 M5 Kompressor 1.
The blue car built in the first test of ESS! Everyone has a surprise!

BMW 5 e34 vs Audi 100 c4
Подписывайтесь, ставьте лайки

BMW M3 E92 vs BMW M5 E39 Drag Race Viertelmeile Rennen Beschleunigungsrennen Acceleration
Hot race between BMW M5 E39 vs BMW M5 E60 More car drift videos At Our FB page Drifting Cars 88 V8 4.0l vs V8 5.0l - Quarter Mile Race Best BMW Onboard Video : M5 E60 Acceleration Sound : M3 E92 vs. x More car drift videos At Our FB page Drifting Cars 88 BMW E60 M5 vs Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06 More car drift videos At Our FB page Drifting Cars 88 Retrouvez toute l'actualité de BMW sur : bmw e39 m5,chevrolet corvette,corvette c5,m5,bmw,c5,super sprint magum race,supersprint magnum race,v8 sound,rev limitter,rolling,corvette vs bmw m5,race,exh. 400 HP 5.0l V8 - vs- 420 HP 4.0l V8. гонка М5 е39 5.0л 420л.с. против М5 е60 5.0л 507л.с. The rush:BMW М5 е39 5.0 420h.p. vs BMW М5 е60 5.0 507h.p. подписывайтесь на канал . Best BMW M5 E39 Exhaust sounds BMW M5 E39 ( by BMW E39 M5 (. Best BMW Onboard Video : M5 E60 Acceleration Sound : M3 E92 vs C63 AMG Sound : tuned engine 5.8L - V10 - 630HP BMW M3 E92 vs. M5 E60 vs M3 E92 (Race) BMW M - V10 vs V8. M3 E92 vs C63 AMG Sound : M3 E92 vs C63 0-260 Acceleration : ''LIKE'' my Facebook page: ------------------------------------------ INFO BE. BMW M5 E60170 MPH More car drift videos At Our FB page Drifting Cars 88 Like on Facebook: In this video you can see a BMW E39 M5 in action on the famous Nurburgring, Nordschleife. The E39 M5 had a highly tu. This time, I recorded a BMW M5 E60 with an Eisenmann Exhaust system. The standard BMW M5 E60 has 5.0L V10 engine that produces 500 bhp. It goes from 0 to 100. x More car drift videos At Our FB page Drifting Cars 88 Just got the Eisenmann race Exhaust installed a few days ago on the BMW Dinan M5. Decided to make a few high quality videos for your viewing pleasure. The on. m7 2007 m5 review for fuel and oil consumption, also will do a video on premature clutch failures and other issues and how to avoid and reliability. 2000 BMW e39 M5 400HP 6 speed manual vs 2007 Mustang GT w/aftermarket Supercharger 410HP 5 speed manual. Vancouver Lake Race # 1. Because BMW M Motorsports had it's 40 years anniversary, they had a stand at the AvD Oltimer GP. Here they displayed every generation of the BMW M5 in a row.. Here are some crazy pulls we did on the highway from the other night. Listen to that lambo scream!!! The R34 Skyline is stock, and the E39 M5 has an Exhaust . BMWs are made to be driven hard! Thanks to Struan Wallace for the footage. Driver - Ian King Soundtrack - Mozart Agnus Dei Enjoy! Suspension Pss9 Bilstien co.

Tim's E39 M5 vs Modded Camero
Bracket racing. Terrible launch, I'm a noob at drag racing! first time on drag radials. I didn't get them hot enough.

www.Franik-Performance.de CRAZY BMW M5 PLAYING WITH PORSCHE turbo, AUDI R8, COOPER S, FERRARI F430 on Highway GUMBALL 3000

Dinan BMW M5 E39 vs BMW M5 E60
Dinan BMW M5 E39 vs BMW M5 E60

m5board.com: BMW M5 E39 Supersprint vs BMW 335i Vishnu V1
GTboard.com DVDII RELEASED! http://www.amazon.com/gtboard-com-DVD-II-Supercar-Shootout/dp/B0018738MQ/re f=pd_bbs_sr_3?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1209509369&sr=8-3 (PAL-version, compatible with most flat screen TV and better resolution than NTSC). Worldwide shipping. http://www.createspace.com/Store/ShowEStore.jsp?id=246143 (NTSC-version) Links to the full report: http://www.m5board.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=97994 (All races) http://www.m5board.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?p=1170744#post1170744 (this race) http://www.m5board.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=106374 (All races) GTboard.com for purchasing DVD: http://www.gtboard.com/ Any questions to info: gustav@gtboard.com Go to http://www.GTboard.com GTboard.com | m5board.com | m6board.com Airfield Event Flyby Event One September 2006: http://www.m5board.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=81321 Event Two June 2007: http://www.m5board.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=97994 Event Three October 2007 with BMW M3 E92 as Special Guest: http://www.m5board.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=106374 DVD I from the first Event, support to buy: http://www.amazon.com/gtboard-com-Event-Koenigsegg-DVD-NTSC-version/dp/B000 UUDRN2/ref=pd_bbs_sr_2/102-2599153-3904939?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1193974638&sr= 8-2

BMW M5 E39 vs BMW 335i Drag Race Viertelmeile Rennen Acceleration Sound Beschleunigungsrennen
Best BMW Onboard Video : http://youtu.be/sx-s4RveoOU M5 E60 Acceleration Sound : http://youtu.be/kUvPLcb95E0 M3 E92 vs C63 AMG Sound : http://youtu.be/T8APmwo0OHc

M5 e39 Supersprint vs Audi RS6 550hp 50-250km/h
M5 e39 supersprint tuned vs Audi RS6 550 hp

BMW E39 M5 S62 Engine Failure, knocking conrod big end bearing - Part 1
Richard had his BMW E39 M5 sent to us due to a loud knocking noise coming from the engine. Within seconds of us hearing the knocking noise we knew it wasn't going to be pretty. Having been informed of the driving situation when the knock was first noticed, we all agreed to remove the engine to obtain a correct diagnosis so Richard could decide how to proceed. This video show's the diagnosis of the engine failure. Huge amount of play found on Cylinder No.1 Conrod (big end). The bearing shell for this cylinder is actually missing. It hasn't fallen out or been removed, it's been total worn away into tiny meta particles and pieces which have gone through the oil pump, into the oil filter and filter housing, and also deposited larger pieces of bearing shell into the oil sump. For more information or any E39 M5 S62 specific work you may require, please get in touch with the team at Redish Motorsport - BMW Specialists of Bristol, UK. www.Redish-Motorsport.com www.Facebook.com/RedishMotorsport

BMW E39 520i vs Audi A4 1.9TDi Quattro
FULL HD! SR Opening, 21. aprill 2012, Kiltsi

BMW E39 540 (KKK) vs. Audi S4 (Alex009)

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1999 Audi S4 B5 5cyl: 9.400 @ 154.000
Ohman Racing, Engine: I5, Turbos: Schwitzer S400 Tires: Hoosier

1998 Audi S4 Killer: 9.458 @ 157.670
Oz, Engine: 2.7, Turbos: Mitsubishi custom Tires: hoosier

1998 Audi S4 Killer: 9.506 @ 154.800
Oz, Engine: 2,7, Turbos: precision turbo Tires: hoosier

1998 Audi S4 Killer: 9.710 @ 150.000
Oz, Engine: 2.7 Biturbo, Supercharger: --------- Turbos: GT28RS Tires: drag slick hoosier

1998 Audi S4 Killer: 9.930 @ 142.000
Oz, Engine: 2.7 biturbo, Turbos: GT28RS Tires: street legal 255/35/18

2000 Audi S4 : 10.512 @ 137.560
GURUMAN, Engine: 3.01L, Turbos: gt28RS x 2 Tires: BF drag radials

2006 BMW M5 : 10.578 @ 130.190
Mike, Engine: V10, Tires: MT Drag Radial

2000 Audi S4 : 10.647 @ 134.320
GURUMAN, Engine: 3.01L, Turbos: GT28RS

2000 Audi S4 : 10.677 @ 132.730
10SecS4, Turbos: OEM RS4

2000 Audi S4 Quattro: 10.734 @ 132.760
10SecS4, Engine: Bone Stock, Turbos: OEM RS4 K04s Tires: BFG DRs up front, Hoosier DRs in the back

2000 Audi S4 : 10.900 @ 131.350
GURUMAN, Engine: 3.01L, Turbos: GT28RS

2006 BMW M5 AWD Motorsports Nitrous: 10.908 @ 127.380
Mike, Engine: V10, Tires: MT Drag Radial

2000 Audi S4 : 11.053 @ 128.150
Marc, Engine: Stock 2.7 DOHC V6 TT, Turbos: Twin K04 Tires: BFG G Force Drag Radial 225/45/17

2001 Audi S4 JHM Stage 3: 11.191 @ 130.723
Jason Harbinson, Engine: 2.7 Twin Turbo V6, Turbos: K04s (unmodified except adjusted waste gates) Tires: 225/40/R18 Kuhmo MX

2000 Audi S4 : 11.206 @ 122.660
that guy, Engine: stock, Turbos: OEM RS4 Tires: 235/40/18 Kumho Ecsta MX

2013 BMW M5 F10 ASR Tuned: 11.321 @ 127.030
Abid , Tires: Stock

2013 BMW M5 : 11.383 @ 127.310
Kamil Wozowicz, Engine: 4.4, Supercharger: no Turbos: yes Tires: stock PSS

2001 Audi S4 : 11.426 @ 122.055
Jason Harbinson, Engine: 2.7t stock, Turbos: K04s (unmodified)

2001 Audi S4 Single Turbo CEA 6266 T4: 11.436 @ 128.490
Oleg, Engine: 2.9, Turbos: Precission CEA 6266 T4 .68 A/R Tires: 235/45/17

1992 Audi S4 5cyl 20V Turbo: 11.453 @ 121.620
Eirikur B. Runarsson, Engine: 2.6 L, Turbos: Turbonetics GT-K 550 Tires: Toyo Proxes T1-R


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