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BMW 550d vs AUDI s4
BMW 550d Stage 2 DieselBoost + Methanol AUDI s4 к8 2 шкива

Audi S4 B8 vs BMW M5 F10
Unsure of BMW correct specs, but for sure the car is not stock - in the entry form the owner declared it as having 700+ chp. Mine is a 2010 B8 S4 with 186/57 pulleys, CAI, Supersprint headers and an AMS Intercooler. Forged wheels with Hankook R-S3 tyres, which have seen quite a few heat cycles. Boost is 1.3 bar (19 psi). Car ran all day ~11.9 on an unprepped track in 27 C weather, rising above 12 only once due to bouncing off limiter on 2-3 upshift.

BMW E39 M5 vs Audi RS4 ;-)

5 Facts About BMW E60 M5 You NEED To Know -- WARNING !
Learn 5 of the CRITICAL and MUST Know things about the hotrod BMW E60 M5. 5 Facts About BMW E60 M5 You NEED To Know - WARNING ! Inside knowledge by a long term owner of this great and well respected speed machine. You can search the forums, Google, and ask your friends, or you can save yourself a bunch of time and WATCH HERE !! ATTENTION ! If you have any questions about his information or would like to know more about this amazing 500 horsepower, V10 Normally Aspirated Super Car, please comment below or just slide me a message: We are always looking for supercars to drive and review, so if you would like to offer your toy, please contact via Private Message, and we can make arrangements. Send Note to : Join along and enjoy this point of view and tell us in the comments if you agree or not. Please see more from my Youtube channel TWITTER - @MHolubetz - FACEBOOK - INSTAGRAM -