Fj Cruiser Hummer H3 Tundra Xterra

Snow Wheeling

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4x4 Torture Test featuring the Nissan Xterra, Hummer H3, Toyota FJ Cruiser, Jeep Wrangler and Land R

FJ VS XTERRA مقاوم اف جي واكستيرا
المهديه مقاوم جيب اكستيرا و اف جي

FJ Cruiser and Hummer H3's @ The Cliffs August 2012 4 wheeling
FJ Cruiser and a few Hummer H3's hit the Cliffs for a summer ride.

Blacked out FJ with PlastiDip, SEXY!
Hey guys, This 4th of July, we worked on a DIY Project! We plasti-dipped my FJ Cruiser, matte black. Head on over to our other channel: Hope you like the video! Please: LIKE-SHARE-SUBSCRIBE Thanks for watching! -Ash :)